Hillary Clinton Appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live

After a two-week Olympics hiatus, late night television is finally back! Jimmy Kimmel had the big get on Monday, as Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t come up very often in the discussion of political comedy in late night, but he’s sneakily one of the best interviewers of politicians out there. He’s good at walking the line between keeping things light (and making the candidates look fun-loving) and asking some real questions (which they may or may not want to answer).  Continue reading

Seth Meyers on the Bernie or Bust Movement

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here is Seth Meyers addressing the Bernie Bros that just can’t let go of the idea that he Bernie Sanders will be the next President. The extremely sarcastic monologue about the Bernie or Bust Movement is so on point that we would almost expect Continue reading

Sarah Silverman tells Bernie-or-Bust People: ‘You’re Being Ridiculous’

The Democratic National Convention kicked off last night in Philadelphia and it was mostly a well-organized affair. High-ranking politicians and Democratic supporters came out and gave well-prepared speeches that definitely weren’t plagiarized. But there was one major hiccup, which was the way that some Bernie Sanders supporters continually heckled the speakers whenever voting for Hillary Clinton was brought up. The DNC knew that there would be angry Bernie delegates present, and so they made sure to include several Bernie supporters in the opening day’s speaker list, including Bernie himself, Elizabeth Warren, and comedian Sarah Silverman. Sarah Silverman had been a vocal Bernie supporter, but when Hillary won the nomination, she loudly proclaimed (on Twitter) that she would nevertheless support Hillary. Continue reading

Weekend Update Will be Covering This Year’s RNC and DNC Conventions

WtFRXoZjYesterday, we provided a rundown of the late night coverage of the Republican and Democratic conventions. Today, another intriguing show joined in on the political chaos. Colin and Jost and Michael Che will be hosting two special episodes of Weekend Update on MSNBC on July 20 and 27 around Continue reading

Jay Leno on The Tonight Show

Jay Leno is kind of like an ex-President. He isn’t great when he’s the guy in charge, but after the fact, you don’t mind him. When Leno dropped in on last night’s episode of The Tonight Show he delivered a monologue that felt very familiar, but we actually found ourselves laughing Continue reading

Jimmy Kimmel is Running for Vice President

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel threw his hat into the ring and declared that he is running for Vice President. He wants to be “number two” as he put it and if you look at the ridiculous candidates running for President, all we could think Continue reading

Hillary Clinton Will Appear on the ‘Saturday Night Live Season’ Premiere

Courtesy of NBC

Courtesy of NBC

According to The New York Times Hillary Clinton will appear in the cold open for this Saturday’s 41st season premiere of Saturday Night Live. Based on the report, Clinton will appear alongside Kate McKinnon who is the resident Hillary impressionist on the cast. While not her first appearance on SNL this will be Hillary’s most Continue reading

Jimmy Fallon Impersonates Donald Trump and Interviews Hillary Clinton


Well, here you go. This is the clip from last night’s Tonight Show that everyone is going to be sharing like crazy. If we sound less than enthusiastic about it, it’s just because we think that the quality of Jimmy Fallon’s Donald Trump impression has been a little bit overblown and, honestly, it seems like he’s breaking it out a bit too often these days (or maybe we’re just feeling Trump fatigue). But hey, it’s clearly popular and if there’s one thing Jimmy Fallon does well, it’s giving the people what they want.

We will say this though Continue reading