Seth Meyers Re-Negotiates the Terms of ‘Chicago President’

All summer, Seth has been floating an idea to get Donald Trump to drop out of the presidential race. He (like many other people) thinks that Trump doesn’t actually want the job of being president, he just wants the prestige and the title. So Seth created Chicago President, a scripted series on NBC in which Donald Trump would get to play the president, but of course it would be set in Chicago. Since Donald Trump still hasn’t responded to this generous offer of a guaranteed hit show, Seth decided to change his tactics.  Continue reading

Last Week Tonight: Charter Schools (August 21)

While Last Week Tonight often dives into under-represented topics, the things that he talks about are rarely that controversial (particularly for his audience). It’s not that shocking to learn that debt buyers are a little shady, you know? If John Oliver’s discussion of a certain topic gets some people upset, he’s usually happy about it, since the people who get upset are the people he was hoping to make upset. But this week’s look at charter schools was a little bit different, as John noted that people on both sides of the political spectrum have praised charter schools and their benefits. However, Continue reading

Seth Meyers Continues to Encourage Trump to Star in NBC’s Chicago President

For months now, Seth Meyers has been trying to convince Donald Trump to quit running for the actual presidency and instead star in his very own NBC television show, which of course is called Chicago President. While initially Seth figured this would satiate Donald’s need for constant attention and ratings, last night Seth realized that Chicago President would also solve another of Donald Trump’s possible problems: that he’s not nearly as wealthy as he claims to be. Seth figures that the main reason that Donald Trump refuses to release his tax returns is that he’s actually broke, pointing to the recent picture of him eating KFC with a fork and knife as proof that his wealth has disappeared. Starring in a hit NBC show would help to alleviate some of that financial stress, Seth reasons, and to further entice Donald to take his offer, Seth Continue reading

Stephen Colbert Takes on Donald Trump with the Werd

It’s no secret that Stephen Colbert’s version of The Late Show has struggled at times to find its voice, but his live shows during both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions seemed to have breathed new creative life into the talk show. After the return of “Stephen Colbert” and his “Word” segment during the RNC, Stephen apparently faced some pushback from his old employer, saying that the character “Stephen Colbert” was their intellectual property. While it seemed too surreal to be true, apparently it was and Stephen was forced to introduce “Stephen Colbert’s” identical twin cousin, “Stephen Colbert” and to change his “Word” segment to “Werd”. Last night, Continue reading

Last Week Tonight: DNC (July 31)

Back in the day when Donald Trump’s candidacy for president seemed like a big joke that brought along high ratings but no actual legitimacy, John Oliver refused to cover it (or even really talk about it). Instead, he did long form pieces about issues that did not get nearly as much press as the latest crazy thing that Donald Trump just said. As Trump slowly gained traction, however, John Oliver had no choice but to cover it. While the latest episode of Last Week Tonight was technically focused on Continue reading

Melania Trump Defends her Plagiarized RNC Speech on ‘The Late Show’

The main story coming out of the first night of the Republican National Convention was the fact that Melania Trump plagiarized parts of her speech from Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech. The late night shows all had a lot of fun with the whole situation, but Stephen Colbert won that particular fight thanks to some help from Laura Benanti as Melania Trump. Benanti had the look (especially the eye movements) and the accent nailed to perfection, as “Melania” defended herself against the accusations of plagiarism. Once again, we were left with a major feeling of deja vu. Sorry, Melania, better luck next time.


Weekend Update Will be Covering This Year’s RNC and DNC Conventions

WtFRXoZjYesterday, we provided a rundown of the late night coverage of the Republican and Democratic conventions. Today, another intriguing show joined in on the political chaos. Colin and Jost and Michael Che will be hosting two special episodes of Weekend Update on MSNBC on July 20 and 27 around Continue reading

Jay Leno on The Tonight Show

Jay Leno is kind of like an ex-President. He isn’t great when he’s the guy in charge, but after the fact, you don’t mind him. When Leno dropped in on last night’s episode of The Tonight Show he delivered a monologue that felt very familiar, but we actually found ourselves laughing Continue reading

Jimmy Kimmel is Running for Vice President

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel threw his hat into the ring and declared that he is running for Vice President. He wants to be “number two” as he put it and if you look at the ridiculous candidates running for President, all we could think Continue reading

Last Week Tonight: Special Districts

Last week, John Oliver deviated a bit from the formula that has made Last Week Tonight so successful, opting to take a closer look at a story that literally everyone else was also covering basically 24/7. So even though we quite enjoyed how last week’s segment on Donald Trump sparked the movement to Make Donald Drumpf Again, we were excited to get back into a more obscure topic this week. Luckily, John Oliver obliged (and said goodbye to the casual, Donald Drumpf-inspired viewer) with a deep dive on special districts. We don’t know if these even exist in Canada, but we were definitely surprised at the sheer number of them and at how easy it was to set them up in the States. Continue reading

Late Night Hosts Talk About Chris Christie

John Moore/Getty Images

John Moore/Getty Images

As Super Tuesday turned into Wednesday, our thoughts turned to how the late night talk show hosts would react to what was one of the funniest moments of the entire election season: Chris Christie’s dazed/terrified look behind Donald Trump’s victory speech. This moment overshadowed nearly everything else, including who actually won the primaries. You can’t make this stuff up, but you can react to it, and every single one of the late night hosts took their shots. Continue reading

Last Week Tonight: Donald Trump

One of our favorite things about Last Week Tonight has been the relative absence of stories about Donald Trump. We’ve just become so fatigued with Donald Trump stories on every single news network and Donald Trump jokes on every single late night show that it was nice to have a half an hour on Sunday nights to think about other issues and to laugh at things besides the latest craziness that Donald spewed. But alas, all good things must come to an end, and last night, John Oliver and the Last Week Tonight team apparently decided that they couldn’t wait any longer to address the Trump in the room. Continue reading

Funny or Die Releases a 50-Minute Donald Trump Biopic starring Johnny Depp

Donald Trump has been made fun of by pretty much every comedy outlet that exists. This morning, Funny or Die just upped the comedy ante considerably, releasing a 50-minute fake biopic called Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie. The movie stars Johnny Depp as Donald Trump, doing his most believable wig-and-prosthetic work in years. It purports to be a lost 1980s TV movie based on Trump’s 1987 best-selling book, “The Art of the Deal” (written, directed, produced, and starred in by Trump himself of course). Director Ron Howard introduces the film, revealing that Continue reading

SNL Scorecard: Ronda Rousey; Selena Gomez (January 23)

©2016/Mary Ellen Matthews/NBC

©2016/Mary Ellen Matthews/NBC

Host Assessment 

When athletes host Saturday Night Live, it can go one of two ways. Either the athletes surprise everyone and become all-star SNL hosts (see: Derek Jeter, Payton Manning, The Rock) or they’re forgettable (see: well, they’re forgettable, so never mind). While we’re not followers of UFC, we of course were familiar with Ronda Rousey and thought she had the chance to do well on SNL because of how much charisma and confidence she’s shown in her pre-fight interviews. Continue reading

Stephen Colbert Adopts Sarah Palin-Speak

Stephen Colbert’s shift to CBS has been anything but smooth. People were initially nervous that the audience wouldn’t know how to handle the “real Stephen” after so many years of the “character Stephen” and they speculated about how Stephen Colbert would be able to make the shift from his Comedy Central program that was all about political satire to a more standard, appeals-to-everyone network late night show. As it turns out, Stephen decided to continue with his heavy political focus, devoting segments in nearly every episode to breaking down the 2016 presidential race. His heavy political focus appears to have hurt him in the ratings, but we can’t deny that he’s at his best when he’s doing political comedy (even if we do occasionally wish he’d focus on something else). Continue reading