More #LoweRoast Lineup Announcements


Roast fans will be excited to know that the remaining Rob Lowe roasters have been announced. Again, Comedy Central has managed to put together an eclectic lineup of comedians, newsmakers, and celebrities. Joining the dais are Continue reading

‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Isn’t Cancelled, It’s Just on Hiatus

Courtesy of Comedy Central

Courtesy of Comedy Central

Amy Schumer probably expected to spend this week promoting her new book, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo. While her book is getting some great reviews, she’s instead spent most of the week talking about her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer and one of its writers, Kurt Metzger. After Kurt courted some controversy a couple of days ago with his comments on UCB’s banning of a comic who had been accused of sexual assault (read all about it here), Amy began receiving tweets and Continue reading

Comedy Central Unveils #LoweRoast Roasters


This morning, Comedy Central announced the first names for the upcoming roast of Rob Lowe. There are more to come, but the preliminary lineup for the dais is looking promising. Here’s who we know will be involved for sure: Continue reading

David Spade Will be the Roastmaster for the Roast of Rob Lowe

RLRoastThe Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe now has a roastmaster. Comedy Central announced today that David Spade will be the master of ceremonies on August 27th when the roast is filmed.

Spade is an interesting choice. Like Lowe, Spade is known for dating beautiful women. They went about it in different ways. Lowe Continue reading

South Park Has “Been There”

The new season of South Park begins on September 14th. On Friday, the first promo for the 20th season of the Comedy Central series showed up online. The very nostalgic clip takes fans down memory lane. The fact that South Park will have been on the air for 20 years Continue reading

‘Review’ Wraps Up Filming its 3rd and Final Season

Photo Credit: Comedy Central

Photo Credit: Comedy Central

For our money, Review is one of the funniest, darkest, and most unpredictable comedies on television. It’s also been, unfortunately, one of the lesser watched comedies, which explains why its upcoming third season will be its last. It will also be an abbreviated season, with The Hollywood Reporter reporting that it will have a minimum of three installments, although the exact episode count has yet to be released. While we of course would rather have more episodes, we trust Andy Daly and the rest of the creative team to wrap things well for Forrest, A.J., Grant, and everybody else in Forrest’s orbit. Continue reading

Jessica Williams is Leaving ‘The Daily Show’

TDSwTN_refresh_Jessica_macro_1920x1080More changes are coming to The Daily Show, as it was announced yesterday afternoon that Jessica Williams would be leaving the Trevor Noah-hosted comedy news show. The announcement didn’t give us much time to prepare for her departure — today will be her last day as senior correspondent. But don’t worry, she’s not going far: she’s leaving to helm her own show on Comedy Central.

Jessica joined The Daily Show back in 2012 and quickly became a popular correspondent, with many advocating her to take the host chair vacated by Jon Stewart. While she didn’t end up getting that gig (and anyway, she said she saw herself as being under-qualified for the position), it’s clear that Continue reading

Natasha Leggero Once Moved to Australia With a Con Artist

Another Period is one of our favorite shows. Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome have created a completely bonkers world that somehow totally works. They describe it as combining the Kardashians with Downton Abbey, but also like to think of it as having a liberal dash of Drunk History too, as dysfunctional versions historical figures frequently pop up to interact with Beatrice, Lillian, and all the other Bellacourts. Need proof? In the premiere of the second season, Beatrice and Lillian received advice on fame and branding from none other than Continue reading

Every ‘Key & Peele’ Sketch is Now Available Online

KeyPeele_203_macro_ObamaDebate01_640x360Key & Peele may no longer be airing on Comedy Central, but we can almost overlook the lack of new sketches now that every single Key & Peele sketch is now available online. That’s right: you can now watch every one of the more than 300 sketches that Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele ever created, including 172 that have never been available online before. The “authoritatively and unequivocally complete archive” means that you can now get your fill of Meegan and Andre, Obama’s Anger Translator Luther, Levi and Cedric, Wendell, all the East/West Bowls, and literally everything else. Continue reading

Comedy Central’s Half Hour Lineup For Season Five is Stacked

downloadDuring the first four seasons of Comedy Central’s The Half Hour, the network has featured numerous comedians who were breaking out or have since. Whether you’re watching a new episode to see someone you recognize or to find your new favorite, the series has become a go to for fans of Continue reading

‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Season 4 Looks Like It’ll Be Hilarious

Based on this trailer, the new season of Inside Amy Schumer is not for the faint of heart. If the boundaries are pushed to the limit in the trailer, we have to assume that Amy will step over them in the full episodes.

Inside Amy Schumer returns to Comedy Central on April 21 at 10pm et.


Key and Peele to Provide Live Super Bowl Commentary

Last year, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele did one of the funniest Super Bowl specials that we’ve ever seen. It was in conjunction with their now-finished Comedy Central show Key & Peele, but just because their show is over doesn’t mean that they’ve stopped working together to bring us football-related comedy. It was just announced that Key & Peele will be providing live Super Bowl commentary that you can stream from Squarespace. Actually, we should more accurately say that they’ll be providing commentary on “the big game” since Continue reading

Larry Wilmore to Host the 2016 White House Correspondents’ Dinner


Photo: Peter Yang/Comedy Central

Although his Comedy Central show remains a bit uneven (both in execution and in ratings), Larry Wilmore is a comedy veteran with considerable experience in political comedy. As such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Larry has just been named the host for the 2016 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner.

The host of The Nightly Show will take the reins from Saturday Night Live‘s Cecily Strong, who hosted last year. Given that it’s an election year, we expect Larry will have plenty of material to work with from both sides of the aisle. We’ll definitely be interested to see how much critical edge he’ll bring and who his targets will be.

One thing’s for sure: we expect Larry to keep it 100.

Continue reading

“Nathan For You” Renewed for Season 4


Struggling businesses in California will have another shot to get some dubious help from Nathan Fielder, as Comedy Central has just announced that they are renewing Nathan For You for a fourth season. This news comes just in advance of the third season finale, which airs tonight in an extended format. We can only imagine what kind of scheme Nathan came up with that would warrant an extended episode. From the look of the promo, it’s going to be epic: Continue reading

Trevor Noah has Emergency Appendectomy

Photo Credit: Peter Yang/Comedy Central

Photo Credit: Peter Yang/Comedy Central

It’s a dangerous time to be a late night talk show host! Jimmy Fallon has had a string of injuries requiring hospitalization, and now it’s just been revealed that Trevor Noah underwent an emergency appendectomy earlier today. Naturally, this caused tonight’s episode of The Daily Show to be cancelled. Comedy Central will air a rerun. More unexpected, perhaps, is the fact that Comedy Central says that it expects Trevor to be back tomorrow with a new episode. That’s some kind of miraculous recovery! Since the show doesn’t air on Fridays, we would’ve thought that they’d cancel tomorrow’s show too and then have the weekend to recover but Continue reading