‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Isn’t Cancelled, It’s Just on Hiatus

Courtesy of Comedy Central

Courtesy of Comedy Central

Amy Schumer probably expected to spend this week promoting her new book, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo. While her book is getting some great reviews, she’s instead spent most of the week talking about her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer and one of its writers, Kurt Metzger. After Kurt courted some controversy a couple of days ago with his comments on UCB’s banning of a comic who had been accused of sexual assault (read all about it here), Amy began receiving tweets and Continue reading

Amy Schumer is Going Worldwide on Her Next Tour

photoAmy Schumer has announced the dates for her 2016 stand-up tour. Her tour starts this August and it is going to take her to Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand in
addition to shows in the USA.

This isn’t just a big tour because Amy will be touring around the globe. The tour is also huge because of the sheer number of dates. The tour includes 54 shows! 54! That’s a ton of performances. And Amy isn’t performing in small venues either. This is an Continue reading

‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Season 4 Looks Like It’ll Be Hilarious

Based on this trailer, the new season of Inside Amy Schumer is not for the faint of heart. If the boundaries are pushed to the limit in the trailer, we have to assume that Amy will step over them in the full episodes.

Inside Amy Schumer returns to Comedy Central on April 21 at 10pm et.


Amy Schumer Drops by The Tonight Show

Amy Schumer visited The Tonight Show on Tuesday night. She is beginning the promotional tour for the new seas of Inside Amy Schumer, which returns to Comedy Central Thursday, April 21st at 10pm et. With Not Safe with Nikki Glaser just winding up a solid first season we’re excited to have Amy back on TV. Based on the clips Continue reading

Amy Schumer Responds to Joke Stealing Accusations

Courtesy of Comedy Central

Courtesy of Comedy Central

After recent talk about Amy Schumer being a joke thief, the comedian and many of her friends have come out to take a stand. Everything that they have said is consistent with what we already believe. The accusations don’t have a lot of merit behind them. While we knew this to be the case we were pretty happy to see Amy take a stand and face this head on. We think she’s right and unless if she fails Continue reading

SNL Scorecard: Amy Schumer and The Weeknd (October 10, 2015)

©2015/Mary Ellen Matthews/NBC

©2015/Mary Ellen Matthews/NBC

Host Assessment: 

Amy Schumer is the creator and star of her own Emmy-winning sketch comedy show Inside Amy Schumer, so we knew that she had the talent and the sensibilities to pull of sketch comedy. Yes, Saturday Night Live is, well, live, which is different from her Comedy Central series, but the principles are the same. As we expected, Amy did very well. She threw herself into sketches, was confident and had great timing. Our main complaint about Amy’s hosting debut was that we’d hoped to hear some of her own voice coming through in the sketches, but everything was fairly standard SNL fare. (Of course, we suppose she may have wanted to save great sketch ideas for her own show). Continue reading

Amy Schumer Has a Book Deal

Courtesy of Comedy Central

Courtesy of Comedy Central

She’s a TV star, she’s a movie star, a stand-up comedian, and now….Amy Schumer is going to be an author. Just a couple of days after becoming an Emmy winner, Entertainment Weekly has announced that Amy Schumer has signed a book deal worth $8-10 million.

This is great news for fans of Amy and comedy in general. Based on her TV series (Inside Amy Schumer), stand-up, and movie (Trainwreck), it is evident that Amy Schumer is a gifted writer. We’re sure that this will translate to the page when she writes her currently untitled book.

These days it seems like getting a book deal is the next step for big time comedy stars. Everyone from Amy Poehler to Aziz Ansari to Mindy Kaling to Jim Gaffigan has found success in the book game. We have read most of the comedy memoirs that have come out over the past few years and it has become a great platform for funny people to make their fans laugh.

We’re excited to find out more details of Amy’s book!

Emmy 2015 Highlights


When we heard that the Comedy Bang! Bang! team would be writing this year’s Emmys (along with Andy Samberg and the other Lonely Island guys), we were convinced of two things: that we would find it hilarious and that many, many other people would not. We were right on both counts. The opening song was a fun take on the sheer volume of television there is to consume today. With cameos from Jon Hamm, Kerry Washington, and Will Forte, we thought this was a good combo of The Lonely Island and Comedy Bang! Bang! that set the stage for the silly/sarcastic tone for the rest of the show. Andy’s final line “…and I’m white!” had us laughing out loud. Continue reading

Watch the First Teaser for Amy Schumer’s Upcoming HBO Special


HBO just released the teaser for Amy Schumer’s new stand-up special, Live at the Apollo. There are a few clips of some jokes in the special, but we know that there will be more to come before the October 17th premiere date.

This year continues to be huge for Amy Schumer. Her movie, Trainwreck was a smash Continue reading

Amy Schumer’s Comments on Gun Control


Sometimes, comedy has to take a backseat. Earlier today, Amy Schumer spoke at a press conference on the issue of gun control and gun violence. Alongside her cousin, New York Senator Chuck Schumer, Amy made her first public comments on the issue of gun violence, which was made very personal to her as a result Continue reading

The Final Daily Show Guests Will Be Amy Schumer, Denis Leary, and Louis CK

The Daily Show

Jon Stewart photo credit: Martin Crook

It is hard to believe that we are now less than a week away from Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show. Until today, there were still a lot of unanswered questions out there. We don’t know exactly what Stewart will do when he walks away even though we saw that he showed up at the Comedy Cellar the other night to do stand-up. We also didn’t know the line-up of final guests that Jon Stewart would interview.

We now have a line-up. At the end of last night’s episode, Stewart announced that Amy Schumer, Denis Leary, and Louis CK would be the last scheduled guests that he’d have on The Daily Show. These three Continue reading

Bridget Everett’s “Gynecological Wonder” Hits All the High Notes



The first time that we saw Bridget Everett was on the first season finale of Inside Amy Schumer. Ever since then, we’ve been hooked. Her performances on the second and third season finales of Inside Amy Schumer have both been great and we were lucky enough to see her live during a gala show at Just for Laughs a couple of years ago. There is no one quite like Bridget Everett and all of her performances had us laughing so hard we cried. With the knowledge of what Bridget Everett could do, we were more than a little excited when we learned that she was getting her very own one-hour special on Comedy Central. Airing at 12:30 am, which is probably the only appropriate hour for a Bridget Everett show, we found ourselves laughing and singing along into the wee hours of last night.

Amy Schumer is not Bridget’s only famous fan, however. Between the cold open and the closing scene, we saw several celebrities show their admiration for Bridget and her work. The diverse list of stars included Ben Stiller, Sarah Jessica Parker, Hannibal Buress, Peter Dinklage, and Susan Sarandon. Dinklage and Sarandon appear in the final moments of the special. We won’t ruin it by saying what their roles were, but we’ll tell you that Continue reading

Amy Schumer and Jon Hamm (as Bill Hader) Promote Trainwreck


By now it should be clear that the Trainwreck promotional tour is basically the best. This is largely thanks to the cast, since anytime you put this many funny people in a movie and have them making the talk show circuit, you’re going to get some good times. This latest interview might just beat them all though. Amy Schumer did an interview with Extra with her co-star Bill Hader… who looked suspiciously like Jon Hamm. Yes, Continue reading

Oddball Fest Lineup Released

KxA97ZFg_400x400Well, it’s definitely the season of the comedy festival. As this month’s Just For Laughs festival keeps adding amazing comedians, other festivals like Funny or Die’s Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival are releasing their lineups. Today, it was announced that Amy Schumer and Aziz Ansari will be headlining the third annual Oddball Fest. If that sounds familiar, it’s because Amy and Aziz also headlined the same festival last year. Clearly, the organizers decided not to mess with a good thing. Joining Amy and Aziz this year are other huge names in comedy. Check out this list: Continue reading

Vanessa Bayer on Jimmy Kimmel Live


We are getting seriously excited for the movie Trainwreck to come out (only a few more weeks!). Last night, Vanessa Bayer appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about her role in the movie, the Trainwreck stand-up tour, and debut some new impressions. In the above video, Vanessa talks about some of the perks of going on the Trainwreck tour and the time she thought Eddie Vedder was actually her friend Hans. Our favorite part of her appearance is in the clip below, Continue reading