Bob Odenkirk Shared a Few Stories on Jimmy Kimmel Live Last Night

Bob Odenkirk appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. The next season of Better Call Saul is still a few months away, but it was fun to see Bob on a talk show Continue reading

Hillary Clinton Appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live

After a two-week Olympics hiatus, late night television is finally back! Jimmy Kimmel had the big get on Monday, as Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t come up very often in the discussion of political comedy in late night, but he’s sneakily one of the best interviewers of politicians out there. He’s good at walking the line between keeping things light (and making the candidates look fun-loving) and asking some real questions (which they may or may not want to answer).  Continue reading

Sitcoms Are Better Now Than Ever Before

cropped-microphone-md1.pngSitcoms seem to be heading in divergent directions these days. When we say that, we mean it as a positive. If you are a frequent reader of fourthmic, you’d recognize that we appreciate the direction that sitcoms are going. There are so many shows to write glowing reviews about that we haven’t been able to get to Continue reading

Maria Bamford Tells Jimmy Kimmel How She Met Her Husband

Maria Bamford is one of our favorite people. She’s hilarious and she’s pretty open about her life experiences. She exposed both of those parts of herself last night on Continue reading

Jimmy Kimmel is Running for Vice President

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel threw his hat into the ring and declared that he is running for Vice President. He wants to be “number two” as he put it and if you look at the ridiculous candidates running for President, all we could think Continue reading

Chris Hardwick Talks Past and Present Relationships on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Chris Hardwick’s new comedy special, Funcomfortable, premieres tomorrow night (April 30) on Comedy Central. He appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and ended up talking to Jimmy about current and past relationships. Chris is currently engaged and his fiancée happens to be a member of the Hearst family. Needless to say, she and Chris had very different upbringings, which can be seen in the types of people they’re friends with (and what their grandparents did). Continue reading

Kumail Nanjiani Distributed Porn in an Interesting Way

Kumail Nanjiani appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. When asked about his Pakistani upbringing, the conversation took an unexpected turn. After explaining to Jimmy that he is way down Continue reading

Jimmy Kimmel Named as Emmy Host for 2016

Photo by ABC - © ABC

Photo by ABC – © ABC

This morning, ABC confirmed what we all pretty much knew already, Jimmy Kimmel will host this year’s Emmy Awards. This will Kimmel’s second turn hosting the awards show.

With the big four networks taking turns broadcasting the Emmys each one typically puts their face of comedy/entertainment in charge of the show. For ABC, Jimmy Kimmel is the obvious name.

The Emmy Awards don’t air until September 18th. While we’ll be excited about them as that date Continue reading

Will Forte Explains to Jimmy Kimmel Why He Had THAT Hairdo

Last Man on Earth is finally back this Sunday. To promote it, he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. He brought some sexually shaped cookies and then jumped into a conversation about that wacky half cut hairdo he had at the Critics Choice Awards. He didn’t explain why that Continue reading

Jimmy Kimmel Will Probably Host the 2016 Emmys


It’s usually pretty easy to guess who will be hosting the Emmys – the television awards show has a strong tradition of choosing someone with an affiliation to the network that the ceremony will air on, usually one of their late night talk show hosts. The 2016 Emmy Awards will air on ABC, which means that it was always pretty likely that Jimmy Kimmel would be their choice. It turns out that our educated guesses were correct, as Variety reported yesterday that Jimmy is indeed in negotiations to once again take over the hosting duties. He last hosted in 2012, which was, you guessed it, the last time ABC aired the Emmys. Continue reading

Hannibal Buress Talks about Doing Stand-up in Tokyo and Dubai

Hannibal Buress is a busy guy. He’s had recent roles in movies (Daddy’s Home), TV shows (The Jim Gaffigan ShowBroad CityThe Lucas Bros. Moving Co.Children’s Hospital), and commercials (Samsung) but his main focus is still stand-up. In his chat with Jimmy Kimmel yesterday, Hannibal Burress talked about some of his recent experiences with stand-up, including performing in some foreign locations. Hannibal performed in Tokyo at a British pub, Continue reading

The ‘Oh, Hello’ Guys Appeared on ‘The Bachelor’

CZB_uE0UsAA5DoaThis may be shocking to you, but The Bachelor is not on our regular viewing schedule. Despite this, we know that lately, they seem to have more of a sense of humour about the whole thing. Jimmy Kimmel made a guest appearance last year, which was not surprising given how much he talks about/promotes the fellow-ABC show on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Amy Schumer, a self-professed Bachelor fan also appeared on the Bachelorette to give out dating and stand-up comedy advice. And, just last week, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube showed up to promote their movie, Ride Along 2, by taking the Bachelor (Ben) on a ride along as one of their dates. Still, these comedians are all fairly mainstream and we expect that the typical Bachelor viewer will have recognized them and it would have made sense to them why they were there. Continue reading

Jimmy Kimmel Joins Mulder and Scully

As anyone who is a fan of the X-Files is aware, the ’90s show is coming back in a big way, with a revival miniseries set to air on FOX, beginning on January 21. As the return of Mulder and Scully is less than a week away, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are starting to make the rounds to promote it. Last night, they appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where they participated in Continue reading

Chris Hardwick Hosts ‘KiMiddle’ During Jimmy Kimmel Live

Chris Hardwick’s wrap-up shows have become as ubiquitous as the series he talks about. Last night he took his love of recapping things to a whole new level when he hosted KiMiddle. We’re not into The Walking Dead so it was fun to get into one of Chris Hardwick’s shows other than @midnight. While not quite as entertaining Continue reading

Tim Allen’s First Acting Job Was ‘Home Improvement’

When Home Improvement debuted in 1991 not only was the show new, but so was the concept of Tim Allen getting paid as an actor. This wasn’t completely foreign back in the 90s with sitcom deals being thrown out left and right to stand-up comedians, but the fact that some of these series like Home Improvement became so prevalent in pop Continue reading