Comedy Central Unveils #LoweRoast Roasters


This morning, Comedy Central announced the first names for the upcoming roast of Rob Lowe. There are more to come, but the preliminary lineup for the dais is looking promising. Here’s who we know will be involved for sure: Continue reading

Last Week Tonight: Auto Lending (August 14)

Over the past couple of years, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has shed a lot of light on the various predatory practices that target poor people and contribute to making it difficult to get and stay out of debt. Past stories have focused on debt buyersmunicipal violations, and payday loans. This week John took a look at the auto industry, in particular the trend towards sub-prime auto loans, and the scary ways the prevalence of these types of loans reflects the sub-prime mortgage bubble that caused the 2008 recession. As usual, John used the experiences of real people to help to drive his point home and demonstrate the ways that bad auto loans can have a snowball effect on people’s financial futures. And, in the end, he enlisted the help of Keegan-Michael Key and Bob Balaban to create his own advertisement for auto loans (from “Crazy Johnny’s”) that’s just a little bit more truthful than the others.


Jon Rudnitsky Not Returning to SNL for Season 42

Courtesy of NBC

Courtesy of NBC

After being used sparingly last season, Jon Rudnitsky will not be coming back to Saturday Night Live next season. Rudnitsky is the third cast member to leave the show following the departures of Taran Killam and Jay Pharoah, which Continue reading

Jay Pharoah and Taran Killam Out at SNL; What Does it Mean?

Courtesy of NBC

Courtesy of NBC

NBC was the center of a lot of intrigue and excitement last night. We’re not talking about the Olympics, we’re talking about Saturday Night Live and the two big announcements that will absolutely shake up Continue reading

Mark Normand on The Late Show

Comedian Mark Normand appeared on The Late Show Friday night. He shared his thoughts on hangovers, his anxiety, and his thoughts on abbreviations. We always enjoy seeing Mark Normand and he Continue reading

Leslie Jones is Really Enjoying the Olympics So Far

We’ve talked about it before, but Leslie Jones’ Twitter feed is truly one of the most entertaining things on the internet. When she finds a TV show or a movie that she loves, she live-tweets with such enthusiasm and joy that it’s impossible not to find yourself swept up in the excitement right along with her. The fact that Leslie uses Twitter in such a fun way made the harassment she faced even more terrible. Although she took a quick break from Twitter (which she talked to Seth Meyers about a few weeks ago), Leslie is back and better than ever. And it’s all thanks to the Rio Olympics.

Leslie Jones is really into the Olympics. Continue reading

Last Week Tonight: Journalism (August 7)

While the past couple of episodes of Last Week Tonight have delved deeply into the presidential race, this week it was back to business as usual, as John Oliver took on a topic that doesn’t get as much media play: print journalism. John explored the many challenges that print journalism faces and the reasons why the failure of print journalism is problematic to everyone. He drove his point home by focusing in part on The Oregonian, a newspaper that he cited back in his discussion of state lotteries, and which is now facing major cutbacks. He also made fun of the Tribune Corporation’s rebranding itself as “tronc”, which is just too ridiculous not to make fun of. And finally, he ended up with a remake of Spotlight called Stoplight, in which Bobby Cannavale, Rose Byrne, and Jason Sudeikis portray what it’s really like to be a print journalist these days.

Now Hear This Festival to Feature Over 30 Live Podcast Recordings

PRIMARYVert2C-NowHearThis-Logo-WithTag-BlackWhiteAs podcasts become more and more popular so do festivals featuring live recordings of them. Attending a podcast isn’t quite the same as a concert or stand-up show, but it is still a lot of fun. This year’s Now Hear This Podcast Festival looks like it might just have the best lineup of them all in 2016.

There are loads of podcasts at Now Hear This that cross over all genres. While we’d suggest that you peruse the entire lineup yourself, we’ll focus in on the comedy podcasts that you won’t want to miss.

The festival includes: Continue reading

Seth Meyers Continues to Encourage Trump to Star in NBC’s Chicago President

For months now, Seth Meyers has been trying to convince Donald Trump to quit running for the actual presidency and instead star in his very own NBC television show, which of course is called Chicago President. While initially Seth figured this would satiate Donald’s need for constant attention and ratings, last night Seth realized that Chicago President would also solve another of Donald Trump’s possible problems: that he’s not nearly as wealthy as he claims to be. Seth figures that the main reason that Donald Trump refuses to release his tax returns is that he’s actually broke, pointing to the recent picture of him eating KFC with a fork and knife as proof that his wealth has disappeared. Starring in a hit NBC show would help to alleviate some of that financial stress, Seth reasons, and to further entice Donald to take his offer, Seth Continue reading

Jimmy Fallon Will Host the 2017 Golden Globes

Jimmy FallonNBC announced the host of the 2017 Golden Globes today. Their choice? Jimmy Fallon. The host of The Tonight Show will get his chance to steer the ship of the first big awards show of the season.

The most recent hosts have been Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and Ricky Gervais. Fallon’s version of the awards show will likely be different than his predecessors. While Tina and Amy were not as rough on the celebrities in the audience as Ricky Gervais was, we’d expect Continue reading

Stephen Colbert Takes on Donald Trump with the Werd

It’s no secret that Stephen Colbert’s version of The Late Show has struggled at times to find its voice, but his live shows during both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions seemed to have breathed new creative life into the talk show. After the return of “Stephen Colbert” and his “Word” segment during the RNC, Stephen apparently faced some pushback from his old employer, saying that the character “Stephen Colbert” was their intellectual property. While it seemed too surreal to be true, apparently it was and Stephen was forced to introduce “Stephen Colbert’s” identical twin cousin, “Stephen Colbert” and to change his “Word” segment to “Werd”. Last night, Continue reading

Last Week Tonight: DNC (July 31)

Back in the day when Donald Trump’s candidacy for president seemed like a big joke that brought along high ratings but no actual legitimacy, John Oliver refused to cover it (or even really talk about it). Instead, he did long form pieces about issues that did not get nearly as much press as the latest crazy thing that Donald Trump just said. As Trump slowly gained traction, however, John Oliver had no choice but to cover it. While the latest episode of Last Week Tonight was technically focused on Continue reading

A Final Recap of Our Weekend at Just for Laughs

Courtesy of Just for Laughs

Courtesy of Just for Laughs

Well, that’s another whirlwind weekend in Montreal for Just for Laughs. After attending the festival, it always feels like the week/weekend was a bit of a blur. We saw so many shows! We found ourselves running from one performance to the next trying to fit in as many satisfying Montreal meals as Continue reading

Hannibal Buress at Just for Laughs


One thing that you can count on at Just for Laughs is that the festival schedule will include the most relevant and notable comedians that year. For that reason, it was no surprise that Hannibal Buress was scheduled to perform and when we saw his name announced, we knew that his show was one we did not want to miss. Hannibal’s last few specials have been among our favourites in recent years and Continue reading

Steve Rannazzisi Opened Up About His 9/11 Story at Just for Laughs

steve_ran_bio_745x490We’anae sure that all of the This is Not Happening shows at Just for Laughs had special moments. That said, last night’s final performance was a pretty unique experience for those people who were in the audience. The topic of the night was repentance. After Ari Shaffir and his first three guests each told their stories, Steve Rannazzisi took the stage as the night’s final performer. Everyone up to that point was pretty Continue reading