‘Inside Amy Schumer’ Isn’t Cancelled, It’s Just on Hiatus

Courtesy of Comedy Central

Courtesy of Comedy Central

Amy Schumer probably expected to spend this week promoting her new book, The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo. While her book is getting some great reviews, she’s instead spent most of the week talking about her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer and one of its writers, Kurt Metzger. After Kurt courted some controversy a couple of days ago with his comments on UCB’s banning of a comic who had been accused of sexual assault (read all about it here), Amy began receiving tweets and Continue reading

Leslie Jones is Really Enjoying the Olympics So Far

We’ve talked about it before, but Leslie Jones’ Twitter feed is truly one of the most entertaining things on the internet. When she finds a TV show or a movie that she loves, she live-tweets with such enthusiasm and joy that it’s impossible not to find yourself swept up in the excitement right along with her. The fact that Leslie uses Twitter in such a fun way made the harassment she faced even more terrible. Although she took a quick break from Twitter (which she talked to Seth Meyers about a few weeks ago), Leslie is back and better than ever. And it’s all thanks to the Rio Olympics.

Leslie Jones is really into the Olympics. Continue reading

The Comedy World Reacts to the Passing of Garry Marshall


Last night, comedy lost a legend. Not only did Garry Marshall gave audiences piles and piles of laughs over the years. We’ve never heard a bad word about the man and we will miss him.

Instead of going on and on about our memories of Garry, we decided to share with you some comments from the comedy world: Continue reading

Top Tweets: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift


Kanye West and Taylor Swift have a long, convoluted history that dates back to the 2009 MTV VMAs, when Kanye famously interrupted her on stage. Most recently, Taylor and Kanye have feuded over the lyrics to his “Famous” video in which he speculated that “me and Taylor might still have sex” and claimed that “I made that bitch famous”. There was a lot of back and forth, with Taylor claiming to be offended by the misogynistic lyrics and Kanye calling that B.S. since he ran the whole thing by her and she gave her approval. Then, Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian got involved and claimed that Kanye had videoed the whole conversation that proved that Taylor was lying about not knowing the lyrics in advance. And last night, she showed the proverbial receipts, releasing that video on Snapchat. Even more than Kim’s naked posterior, this video briefly broke the internet, with everyone weighing in. Whether you’re Team Kim/Kanye or Team Taylor, we’ve collected our favorite takes: Continue reading

Top Tweets: Brexit


The Brexit vote has come and gone. The UK has decided to go its own way and leave the European Union. Who knows what this will mean for any of us. What we do know is that the comedy world did their best to have fun with things on Twitter starting last night through the middle of the night and into this Continue reading

Top Tweets: Comedians React to Prince’s Death


Music icon Prince died today at the age of 57. While normally we can rely on Twitter to bring some comedy to any situation, in this case, the reactions have been ones of shock and sadness rather than humor. Prince influenced so many people and it’s clear he’ll be greatly missed. Here are just a few of the reactions that are pouring in from comedians: Continue reading

Top Tweets: Harriett Tubman Is Going To Be On The $20 Bill

cropped-microphone-md1.pngAfter a lot of speculation, we know who will be the first woman to appear on US paper currency. Harriett Tubman has been chosen to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. There was a lot of talk about replacing Hamilton Continue reading

Top Tweets: Super Bowl 50

cropped-microphone-md1.pngAnd just like that another Super Bowl is behind us. The Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50 by a score of 24-10 over the Carolina Panthers. While the game itself was fairly lackluster and dominated by Denver’s defense Twitter provided us with a few laughs. With sub-par commercials, a highly anticipated half time show, and the title on the line, comedians on Twitter had a lot to work with. As a service to Continue reading

Top Tweets: The CNN GOP Debate


The Venetian in Las Vegas hosted the CNN GOP debate. We’re still about a year away from the election and we’re already tired of hearing from all of the candidates. During this debate the politicians on stage pretty much delivered the same rhetoric that we were expecting. The fun came from watching Twitter. While the tweets didn’t necessarily reflect the reality on stage they made watching it more bearable. Here are the Top Tweets from the CNN GOP debate: Continue reading

Top Tweets: Third GOP Debate


The third Republican debate aired on CNBC earlier tonight. Instead of fighting with one another on stage it felt like the candidates were battling it out with the moderators all night. Each of these debates seems to be less funny than the last as the reality of one of these candidates being selected as the GOP nominee becomes more and more of a reality. Twitter was still buzzing and we’ve compiled some of the tweets that we were funniest from the debate. Continue reading

Top Tweets: Second GOP Debate


The second Republican debate aired on CNN earlier tonight. While it didn’t reach the comedic heights of the first GOP debate, it still had its fair share of entertaining moments. And if the candidates ever just fell into the rhythm of boring talking points, there was always Twitter to keep you amused until the next crazy thing was said (which was never long, because Donald Trump still got his fair share of screentime): Continue reading

Top Tweets: First GOP Debate


One of the funniest comedy shows in years was on earlier tonight – the first GOP debate, starring head comedian Donald Trump. As Canadians, we have the luxury of just sitting back and watching without any real investment, while we follow along on Twitter, of course. Here are some of our favorites of the evening: Continue reading

Top Tweets: Comedians Send Jon Stewart Off by Tweeting #JonVoyage

Jon Stewart photo credit: Martin Crook

Jon Stewart photo credit: Martin Crook

Tonight, pretty much anyone who is a fan of comedy will be watching Comedy Central. It is Jon Stewart’s final night as the host of The Daily Show and while we are expecting an emotional send off, many of the comedian’s contemporaries have been weighing in on Twitter.

Using the hashtag #JonVoyage, some of our favorite funny people have shared memories, thoughts, and well wishes to the man who delivered us Continue reading

Top Tweets: Women’s World Cup Final

cropped-microphone-md1.pngWe’re not what you’d call soccer fans, but we do like reading funny tweets. During the USA vs. Japan Women’s World Cup final in Vancouver this evening, there were a lot of those. In the end the USA came out on top, winning 5-2, but the real winners might have been the people who saw these tweets: Continue reading

Top Tweets: SCOTUS Rules FOR Gay Marriage!


The Supreme Court just ruled that same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states. As Canadians, we would like to congratulate our American friends (and also ask “what took so long?”). As you might expect, our Twitter feed exploded with tweets of joy and excitement. Naturally, many comedians showed their happiness through jokes. Here are our favorites so far (we’ll add to it throughout the day, so keep checking back!):

Continue reading