Mel Brooks Speaks Fondly of Gene Wilder on The Tonight Show

Mel Brooks appeared on The Tonight Show yesterday to promote some sold out comedy shows. Since he didn’t need to push tickets, Mel had a chance to just have some fun with Jimmy and reflect on Continue reading

Bob Odenkirk Shared a Few Stories on Jimmy Kimmel Live Last Night

Bob Odenkirk appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. The next season of Better Call Saul is still a few months away, but it was fun to see Bob on a talk show Continue reading

Amy Schumer Shares Her Hawaiian Experience on The Late Show

Amy Schumer spent the summer in Hawaii filming a movie with Goldie Hawn. She talked about it on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. While there, Amy got sick and ultimately broke Continue reading

John Oliver Loves Tim Kaine

John Oliver appeared on The Late Show last night and was giddy with excitement about Tim Kaine. Oliver couldn’t believe how much of a step dad Kaine was. Everything from bad impressions Continue reading

Seth Meyers on the Bernie or Bust Movement

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here is Seth Meyers addressing the Bernie Bros that just can’t let go of the idea that he Bernie Sanders will be the next President. The extremely sarcastic monologue about the Bernie or Bust Movement is so on point that we would almost expect Continue reading

Kristen Wiig…er, JoJo From the Bachelorette Was on The Tonight Show

The promotional campaign for the new Ghostbusters movie has been unique as any in recent memory. Last night, Kristen Wiig added to the funny strangeness. A night after co-star Melissa McCarthy sat down with Jimmy Fallon for a pretty straight forward late night interview, Kristen Wiig appeared not as herself, but rather as JoJo Continue reading

You Won’t Believe Where Jenny Slate Found Her Dog

Jenny Slate loves lots of cute things. We know this because of Marcel the Shell. We were convinced of it when we saw her old dog, Reggie. On last night’s Late Show, Jenny told the origin story of Continue reading

Maria Bamford Tells Jimmy Kimmel How She Met Her Husband

Maria Bamford is one of our favorite people. She’s hilarious and she’s pretty open about her life experiences. She exposed both of those parts of herself last night on Continue reading

Jay Leno on The Tonight Show

Jay Leno is kind of like an ex-President. He isn’t great when he’s the guy in charge, but after the fact, you don’t mind him. When Leno dropped in on last night’s episode of The Tonight Show he delivered a monologue that felt very familiar, but we actually found ourselves laughing Continue reading

Dana Carvey Shows Off His Trump and Bernie Impressions on Conan

As Conan put it, Trump is the impression of the year. With Dana Carvey on his show last night, Conan had him do his best Trump and Bernie impressions. It’s pretty tough to top the impressions that James Adomian and Anthony Atamanuik, but Dana Carvey is still one Continue reading

Gary Johnson Brought Some Political Silliness to Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Ready for a rhetorical question? Ok, who else is tired of the Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton/Bernie Sanders coverage? Everybody? We thought so. Last night Samantha Bee used a few minutes of time on Full Frontal to focus on another Presidential candidate that is Continue reading

Barack Obama Will be on The Tonight Show this Thursday

Barack-Obama-Net-Worth-660x330Regardless of your opinions of his job as Commander in Chief, Barack Obama has always done a good job in situations when has had
to be funny. He’ll get another shot to show his comedy chops this Thursday when he appears on The Tonight Show.

All year, politicians have been popping up in late night. Forgive us if we’re fatigued and it caused us to forget, but this will Continue reading

Adam Sandler Sings to the Troops with Jimmy Fallon

Remember when Adam Sandler used to make really, really funny comedy albums? We got a little taste of that again on yesterday’s Tonight Show. In front of a room full of service men, Jimmy and Adam sang a song for the troops. “Friends on All Bases” might not be Sandler’s best work, but he reminded us how of those hours spent listening to Continue reading

David Spade Received a Pretty Weird Christmas Gift

What do you get for the guy that has everything. If you’re looking for a gift for David Spade, apparently murder weapons are in vogue. On Late Night with Seth Meyers, Spade told Seth about the bloody knife that his brother gave him for Christmas. If the gift wasn’t bad enough, it was at the center of an uncomfortable airport incident as well.

John Oliver Plays True Confessions with Jennifer Lawrence and Jimmy Fallon

Jennifer Lawrence was Jimmy Fallon’s big guest on last night’s The Tonight Show. The game they played was ‘True Confessions’. The problem with this game is that they needed another player. John Continue reading