Hillary Clinton Went Between Two Ferns

Zach Galifianakis hasn’t made a new episode of Between Two Ferns in a while. Today he released a timely one. His guest was Hillary Rodham Clinton who was willing to take Zach’s jabs. He hit on gun control, Obama, pant suits, and email among other topics. We doubt that Donald Trump Continue reading

Last Week Tonight: Endorsements (Web Exclusive)

John Oliver is still (yes, still) on holidays from Last Week Tonight, but he released another web video to at least give us something to hold on to while we wait for his return (next weekend). He’s actually only been off for a few weeks, but these weeks have been very eventful (and depressing) and his absence during these major world events has really been felt. Anyway, the latest web exclusive has John Oliver looking at political endorsements, as we continue our headfirst dive into the 2016 presidential election, or, as John calls it, Uncle Sam’s Rock-Bottom Yankee Doodle Suicide Pact of 2016. John even got in on the endorsement game himself, although rather than endorsing politicians, he Continue reading

Here’s the Trailer for ‘The Adventures of Tip and Oh’

Last year Dreamworks released the film, Home. This year, they’re following it up with Home: The Adventures of Tip and Oh, a new Netflix series.

While we didn’t see Home (we probably aren’t in the target demographic), we’ll probably Continue reading

Watch the Trailer for Jim Jefferies’ ‘Freedumb’

Jim Jefferies is back with a new special, Freedumb. He’s never been afraid of a topic and this time he is taking aim at a whole nation. The special comes out on July 1st so you might be thinking to yourself, is this Australian coming after Canada with his off color jokes? Nope, you’d be wrong, he is taking aim at Continue reading

Jerry Seinfeld is Back Behind the Wheel in the Trailer for Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee S8

Seinfeld was on the air for nine seasons. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is about to begin its eighth. While the seasons of Jerry Seinfeld’s driving around with funny people series are much shorter it still seems hard to believe that it has been around for this Continue reading

‘Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later’ is Coming to Netflix in 2017

Netflix has announced that it is bringing back Wet Hot American Summer for another season. This time the series will be set ten years after the movie. What will happen ten years from the end of the original Continue reading

Check Out the First Trailer for ‘Lady Dynamite’

Maria Bamford is the latest comedian with a semi-autobiographical sitcom. Lady Dynamite is the story of a comedian dealing with Continue reading

Top Tweets: Harriett Tubman Is Going To Be On The $20 Bill

cropped-microphone-md1.pngAfter a lot of speculation, we know who will be the first woman to appear on US paper currency. Harriett Tubman has been chosen to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. There was a lot of talk about replacing Hamilton Continue reading

Garfunkel and Oates Are Back in the Trailer for Their New Special

Are you like us and missing Garfunkel and Oates. They’re 36 and unmarried so they thought they’d make a comedy special. And now you can see the trailer for “Trying to be Special”, which is available for pre-order now on Vimeo.

Watch the Trailer for Season 2 of ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’

Kimmy Schmidt’s fish out of water adventures in New York will continue on Netflix starting April 15th. As a precursor the series’ return, Netflix released a trailer for season two today.

From the looks of things Ellie Kemper, Tituss Burgess, Jan Krakowski and the rest of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt cast will pick Continue reading

Here is the Trailer for Jimmy Carr’s New Netflix Special

The classiest low-brow comedian, Jimmy Carr has a new stand-up special. Armed with the most unique laugh in comedy, Jimmy Carr will be shocking audiences when Funny Business is available on Continue reading

Here’s a New Instalment of “Too Much Tuna” Featuring Paul Feig

Here’s a perfect pick-me-up for your Monday afternoon. Vulture just posted a never-before-seen instalment of “Too Much Tuna”. In it, your favorite New York pranksters Gil Faizon (Nick Kroll) and George St. Geegland (John Mulaney) are back at it, releasing an episode from the vault featuring “reader/director” Paul Feig. However, Paul barely gets a chance to talk about his experiences in Hollywood, mentioning briefly Freaks and Geeks and The Facts of Life before he’s confronted with far too much tuna. His response is an absolute delight. Continue reading

Funny or Die Releases a 50-Minute Donald Trump Biopic starring Johnny Depp

Donald Trump has been made fun of by pretty much every comedy outlet that exists. This morning, Funny or Die just upped the comedy ante considerably, releasing a 50-minute fake biopic called Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie. The movie stars Johnny Depp as Donald Trump, doing his most believable wig-and-prosthetic work in years. It purports to be a lost 1980s TV movie based on Trump’s 1987 best-selling book, “The Art of the Deal” (written, directed, produced, and starred in by Trump himself of course). Director Ron Howard introduces the film, revealing that Continue reading

Hannibal Buress: Comedy Camisado (Review)

tumblr_o16bhxBmoK1qztawgo1_1280A camisado is a surprise attack when the enemy is supposed to be asleep. During Hannibal Buress’ new Netflix special we never fell asleep, but we repeatedly found ourselves surprised by the punchlines to his jokes. In Comedy Camisado, Buress is firing on all cylinders delivering great joke after great joke.

Over the past year or so Hannibal Buress has become a more commonly-known name in stand-up. Serious fans of comedy have known about Buress for a while now, but since making those (in)famous Bill Cosby comments in a Philly set that started people talking about that whole situation in a new way, more people have taken notice of him. Add to that his recent work on Broad City and The Eric Andre Show and Hannibal has garnered a lot of well-deserved attention. Continue reading

Louis CK Provides Some New ‘Horace and Pete’ Info


As you probably know by now, Louis CK dropped a surprise new series on us on Saturday, with absolutely no advance warning. We downloaded the thing almost immediately, only briefly hesitating because the first episode was $5 and a) that’s a lot of dollars for us Canadians these days, and b) we knew that there was a solid chance that we would love it and be hooked and end up paying $5/episode in perpetuity, which can get expensive. Anyway, we got over that pretty quickly and watched it on Saturday. You can check out our review here.

Well today, Louis has given a little bit of insight into the show via a letter on his site (which was also sent to the email list. It’s really interesting to hear his perspective and to get a better feeling about what exactly he was trying to convey. He also gave us the important info about when to expect the next episode (this Saturday!), and a bit about the pricing (subsequent episodes are going to be cheaper, yay!). Here’s part of his letter, which is posted on his site: Continue reading