Chris Gethard’s One Man Show is Going to Broadway

windopanea01_print_56x851-e1473172191128Judd Apatow has decided to back comedian Chris Gethard’s one man show. Titled Career Suicide, the show is all about Gethard’s life and the road he’s taken to get where he is. It is an incredible show and one that audiences should not miss.

We saw Chris perform this one man show last fall at JFL42 in Toronto. It was an incredible hour. The audience had a chance to feel many of the highs and lows that Chris Gethard has gone through. He spoke openly about depression, his past struggles with alcohol, and even his suicide attempt. It’s not all dour, though. Gethard mixes in stand-up comedy, and makes both the ups and downs that he has gone through funny. We haven’t seen many shows quite like the one Chris put on last fall in Toronto and it is one that has stuck with us as it will anyone who sees it. The show is more than just about silly laughs. It is an important hour that will certainly help many people in the audience to deal with their own struggles. It is great that it will be shared with more audiences.

The Broadway version of Career Suicide is presented by Judd Apatow. Now that he is one of the elder statesmen of comedy, it is great to see Judd help out younger comedians. Knowing Judd’s comedy sensibility, it is no surprise that he would like Chris. The Chris Gethard Show is the exact kind of funny that he likes. Though it wasn’t as freeform as Chris’ Fusion series, when Judd guest hosted on The Late Late Show, he showed that he likes to take the talk show format in a different direction.

Career Suicide begins on October 13th in New York at the Lynn Redgrave Theatre.


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