Late Night with Seth Meyers: A Closer Look at the New Trump

As we mentioned, the late night hosts are back in full force now that the Olympics are over. Without international athletics to distract us, we’re back to focusing on that other intense competition, the presidential race. Seth Meyers has become our go-to late night host for political humor, and he did not disappoint with his first “A Closer Look” segment since the break. In it, Seth Meyers ran down all of the Trump campaign shenanigans of the last two weeks and man, there were a lot! And some of the stuff (like the “Second Amendment People”) comments seemed like they happened a lot longer ago, didn’t they? Or maybe it’s just that the sheer length and volume of this campaign has warped our sense of time.

Anyway, Seth used the recent controversies as a way of highlighting the pattern that has emerged — Trump says crazy things, someone gets through to him that he needs to tone it down, he’s quiet for a couple of days, and everyone in the media starts talking about a pivot. Then, Trump says something crazy again, rinse and repeat. Seth’s argument that a Trump pivot isn’t coming was peppered with proposals for new television shows (“Renegade Jew” coming this fall to NBC) and references to old ones (Ross Gellar’s infamous “pivot!!!”) and it all served to remind us why we’re so happy to have late night television back.


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