Hillary Clinton Appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live

After a two-week Olympics hiatus, late night television is finally back! Jimmy Kimmel had the big get on Monday, as Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t come up very often in the discussion of political comedy in late night, but he’s sneakily one of the best interviewers of politicians out there. He’s good at walking the line between keeping things light (and making the candidates look fun-loving) and asking some real questions (which they may or may not want to answer). 

Case in point: last night, he asked a lot of questions about Donald Trump and the general wackiness of this election. He touched on the latest conspiracy theories about Hillary’s health and had her prove her physical fitness to be president by taking her pulse and having her open a jar of pickles.

He also had a fish bowl (covered in a Donald Trump wig, of course) full of Donald Trump quotes and got Hillary to pick some and try to read them with a straight face.

But it wasn’t all typical late night shenanigans. No interview with Hillary Clinton would be complete without a discussion of emails, and Jimmy asked her about the latest report that a new batch of emails could be released right before the debates. Hillary claims she isn’t worried though.

All in all, it was an entertaining interview and we wouldn’t be surprised to see Hillary appear with Jimmy Kimmel one more time before the election in November.  We think this exchange between Jimmy and Hillary perfectly sums up the state of the election:

“This is such a serious time in our country–”

“Not really.”



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