Comedy Central Unveils #LoweRoast Roasters


This morning, Comedy Central announced the first names for the upcoming roast of Rob Lowe. There are more to come, but the preliminary lineup for the dais is looking promising. Here’s who we know will be involved for sure:

  • Jimmy Carr
  • Pete Davidson
  • Bo Derek
  • Peyton Manning
  • Rob Riggle
  • Jeff Ross

All of these performers will be led by David Spade who was previously tabbed as the roastmaster.

The lineup is varied as they often are at Comedy Central roasts. Jeff Ross is of course the most anticipated name as the current king of roasts, but we’re also excited to see Pete Davidson who also took his turn when Justin Bieber was the guest of honor. Pete did a great job at that roast, and while he might be too young to remember Rob Lowe’s hey day, we expect him to be a standout performer.

Jimmy Carr is probably the guy who will draw the most headlines, however. He has quietly become a real roast assassin. He’s done well at the last two Roast Battle tournaments, winning in 2015 and he is about as good at coming up with offensive one liners as anyone in comedy.

The remainder of the initial lineup announcements are interesting, too. Rob Riggle is more than capable and should be able to find some good targets. His football knowledge will come in handy since Peyton Manning will be on the stage. Finally, Bo Derek is an interesting addition to the lineup as she, like Rob Lowe, was a sex symbol herself.

The Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe airs at 10pm et on Monday, September 5.


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