Leslie Jones is Really Enjoying the Olympics So Far

We’ve talked about it before, but Leslie Jones’ Twitter feed is truly one of the most entertaining things on the internet. When she finds a TV show or a movie that she loves, she live-tweets with such enthusiasm and joy that it’s impossible not to find yourself swept up in the excitement right along with her. The fact that Leslie uses Twitter in such a fun way made the harassment she faced even more terrible. Although she took a quick break from Twitter (which she talked to Seth Meyers about a few weeks ago), Leslie is back and better than ever. And it’s all thanks to the Rio Olympics.

Leslie Jones is really into the Olympics. Like, really into it. She’s got multiple laptops on the go, plus a big screen TV. She’s literally watching everything and cheering so hard through it all. She even wears stars and stripes and fake medals when cheering on the American Olympics team. And she’s tweeting and recording throughout it all. Her tweets have garnered the attention of NBC, who have apparently invited her to join them in Rio:

After all the flak that NBC is getting for their less-than-stellar coverage (we’re once again thankful for CBC’s great Olympics coverage north of the border), we think that Leslie is 100% correct when she says that NBC needs her. Imagine her enthusiastically calling the biggest events. It would be glorious! (And it would be a justification finally for the tape delays, since Leslie is known to drop an f-bomb or two when she gets excited.) Seriously, this must happen. For her part, Leslie appears to be mulling it over:

If you’re not convinced that the Olympics need Leslie, here are some of our favorite Leslie Jones Olympics moments (so far):


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