Last Week Tonight: Journalism (August 7)

While the past couple of episodes of Last Week Tonight have delved deeply into the presidential race, this week it was back to business as usual, as John Oliver took on a topic that doesn’t get as much media play: print journalism. John explored the many challenges that print journalism faces and the reasons why the failure of print journalism is problematic to everyone. He drove his point home by focusing in part on The Oregonian, a newspaper that he cited back in his discussion of state lotteries, and which is now facing major cutbacks. He also made fun of the Tribune Corporation’s rebranding itself as “tronc”, which is just too ridiculous not to make fun of. And finally, he ended up with a remake of Spotlight called Stoplight, in which Bobby Cannavale, Rose Byrne, and Jason Sudeikis portray what it’s really like to be a print journalist these days.


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