Seth Meyers Continues to Encourage Trump to Star in NBC’s Chicago President

For months now, Seth Meyers has been trying to convince Donald Trump to quit running for the actual presidency and instead star in his very own NBC television show, which of course is called Chicago President. While initially Seth figured this would satiate Donald’s need for constant attention and ratings, last night Seth realized that Chicago President would also solve another of Donald Trump’s possible problems: that he’s not nearly as wealthy as he claims to be. Seth figures that the main reason that Donald Trump refuses to release his tax returns is that he’s actually broke, pointing to the recent picture of him eating KFC with a fork and knife as proof that his wealth has disappeared. Starring in a hit NBC show would help to alleviate some of that financial stress, Seth reasons, and to further entice Donald to take his offer, Seth staged a reading of one of the scenes from Chicago President. In this scene, a youthful Trump is told that he unfortunately won’t be able to serve in Vietnam due to bone spurs in one of his feet (it doesn’t matter which one).

We’ve said it before, but we love Seth Meyers and the fact that he’s become a go-to for political comedy during this election season. His “A Closer Look” segments are both funny and informative and he manages to find different angles on things that everyone covers as well as highlighting things that get swept aside on other shows. All that having been said, the whole Chicago President idea might be our favorite thing to come from this election coverage, partly because it’s so crazy that it just might work. We mean really, after everything that’s already happened, would anyone be surprised if he quits to star in a TV show that doesn’t actually exist? (And anyway, we’re pretty sure NBC would make the show if push came to shove, right?) Keep at it, Seth. Let’s make this happen.


2 thoughts on “Seth Meyers Continues to Encourage Trump to Star in NBC’s Chicago President

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