Stephen Colbert Takes on Donald Trump with the Werd

It’s no secret that Stephen Colbert’s version of The Late Show has struggled at times to find its voice, but his live shows during both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions seemed to have breathed new creative life into the talk show. After the return of “Stephen Colbert” and his “Word” segment during the RNC, Stephen apparently faced some pushback from his old employer, saying that the character “Stephen Colbert” was their intellectual property. While it seemed too surreal to be true, apparently it was and Stephen was forced to introduce “Stephen Colbert’s” identical twin cousin, “Stephen Colbert” and to change his “Word” segment to “Werd”. Last night, he didn’t even bother bringing back the “Stephen Colbert” character when he did a new “Werd” segment focused on the ridiculously offensive things Donald Trump said this weekend. We expect to be seeing a lot more of the Werd from here on out, as Stephen and his team have clearly realized that they shouldn’t fight his strengths anymore. He’s good at political comedy – let him do that, especially in this election season.

The focus on the presidential election didn’t end there, however, as Stephen brought out Cartoon Donald Trump to talk about the debates and Donald’s lies about that. Honestly, it’s hard to keep track and it’s probably not a good sign when Cartoon Donald Trump looks more reasonable than the real deal.


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