Louis CK at Just for Laughs


We’ve always wanted to see Louis CK perform live. It seemed like every time that he had a show anywhere even close to us there was some reason we couldn’t go. This year, we finally got our wish and had the opportunity to see Louis in Montreal at Just for Laughs.

After a delayed start to the show, things started off with a nice little surprise. Joe Machi and Joe List, two of our favourite comics, opened the show. After they killed for about 15 minutes each, Louis CK came out to a raucous reception from the audience. The reverance that the audience had for Louis was immediately obvious as he was given a standing ovation before he even said a word.

In the past, Louis has always worn a black t-shirt and a pair of dark pants. That’s kind of been his stage outfit. Not anymore. He’s now a suit guy and this new perspective was among the many topics that he covered in his show. Don’t let the wardrobe change fool you, though: Louis CK’s material and outlook hasn’t changed much from the last time we saw him perform on television. He’s still willing to make jokes about some serious subjects, and he makes connections that we never would have come up with on our own.

Throughout his hour and a half (or so) long set, Louis CK meandered through a number of topics, from abortion to Channing Tatum. As has been the case for several years, a good chunk of Louis’ set was about raising his daughters. It is interesting to see how Louis’ jokes have evolved as his daughters have grown. His stage character is still that of a frustrated, but loving father, but as his children have grown older, the type of experiences that Louis mines for jokes have changed. For example, Louis’ perspective on public schools is dependent solely on his daughter’s experiences there. While we obviously don’t really know Louis’ girls, between his TV show and his stand-up, Louis has opened up the most important part of his life and made us feel as though we do have some insight (albeit a very skewed one).

Once again, Louis CK’s stand up act wasn’t all just dick and fart jokes. There was definitely some of that, but it was also a lot more. We’re sure you need little convincing to see one of this generation’s great comics, but if Louis is ever in your neck of the woods, make sure you’re on the ball and ready to buy tickets whenever they go on sale.


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