Sarah Silverman tells Bernie-or-Bust People: ‘You’re Being Ridiculous’

The Democratic National Convention kicked off last night in Philadelphia and it was mostly a well-organized affair. High-ranking politicians and Democratic supporters came out and gave well-prepared speeches that definitely weren’t plagiarized. But there was one major hiccup, which was the way that some Bernie Sanders supporters continually heckled the speakers whenever voting for Hillary Clinton was brought up. The DNC knew that there would be angry Bernie delegates present, and so they made sure to include several Bernie supporters in the opening day’s speaker list, including Bernie himself, Elizabeth Warren, and comedian Sarah Silverman. Sarah Silverman had been a vocal Bernie supporter, but when Hillary won the nomination, she loudly proclaimed (on Twitter) that she would nevertheless support Hillary.

Sarah’s speech was effective, with humor sprinkled throughout, and if they hadn’t told her and Al Franken to “stretch” since Paul Simon apparently wasn’t ready to take the stage, we might not be talking about it today. Instead, standing on stage while Bernie-or-Bust people chanted “Bernie” in attempts to drown out “Hillary” (or “unity”) chants, Sarah drew on her skills as a comedian and put the hecklers in their place: “Can I just say, to the Bernie-or-Bust people: you’re being ridiculous”. This was followed by loud cheers, and in an election season where a reality TV host might become the president, it probably makes sense that a stand-up comedian might be the only one who can actually unite the Democrats.


2 thoughts on “Sarah Silverman tells Bernie-or-Bust People: ‘You’re Being Ridiculous’

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