Weekend Update at the RNC

Weekend Update co-hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che headed to the Republican National Convention to deliver a special edition of the satirical news show. When we tuned into MSNBC last night after the final speech, we weren’t sure what to expect. Where would they do the show? Would there be an audience? Would there be guests or pre-taped pieces? What unfolded was a hilarious version of Update delivered live from the arena. The only audience were the people behind the camera who occasionally laughed, but whose laughter Jost and Che didn’t seem to need one way or another. They were completely relaxed with each other, and it’s clear that the chemistry that took so long to develop on Saturday Night Live is finally here to stay. And yes, there were both taped pieces and a guest.

The taped piece didn’t have quite the bang that it could have, although it had us laughing quite a bit. Michael Che roamed around the convention looking for other minorities for the new game “Trumpemon GO”, flicking them with Pokeballs when he found one (which wasn’t that often). The guest appearance was much better, as Ghostbusters star Kate McKinnon reprised her hilarious Ruth Bader Ginsberg impression, complete with Ginsburns and dancing in Colin’s face. We will seriously never get tired of it, and we hope that RBG makes another appearance at the Democratic National Convention next week.

The jokes themselves were pretty much standard Update fodder, as Colin and Michael took turns bashing everything from Melania Trump’s plagiarism (“Their denial of plagiarism was the exact definition of plagiarism!”), Chris Christie’s “light crowd work” that sounded like plagiarism of the Salem Witch Trials, and Ted Cruz showing up at the convention and failing to endorse Donald Trump (“it’s like giving a desperate toast at your ex’s wedding – move on with your life!”). The best part, though, might have been their back-and-forth on the caliber of “celebrities” that Donald brought out to support him:

“Scott Baio.”

“Got him.”

“Antonio Sabato, Jr.”

“Couldn’t get Senior.”

“One of the Duck Dynasty dudes.”

“Probably the best one.”

“Get this, they were all available!”

“What! All their schedules lined up?”

Although the actual Update segment ended there, if you turned of MSNBC, you missed Colin Jost and Michael Che giving a surreal, cringeworthy interview with Chris Matthews. Chris Matthews was at his most frenetic, at one point asking Michael Che who his favorite black comedian was, and trying to save it by answering Chris Rock. Seriously. We can’t really do it justice, so just watch (and cringe) for yourselves:


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