Michelle Obama and James Corden Appear on ‘Carpool Karaoke’

While most of the late night political coverage has been focused on the Republican National Convention (for very good reasons), last night, James Corden instead spent some time with First Lady Michelle Obama in the highly-anticipated Carpool Karaoke segment. Even though we tend to think that Carpool Karaoke is slightly overdone (as in, they do it too often for it to retain its punch), this was one that we were really excited to check out. Apart from the fact that Michelle Obama is not a singer (although she made up for it with enthusiasm!), this episode was also different because they couldn’t actually drive anywhere — it seems James was just making loops around the White House. We were expecting a Secret Service agent (or someone pretending to be a Secret Service agent) to hop in the car at some point, but instead, Missy Elliott climbed in the back seat. That was probably the right decision, national security-wise.

Michelle Obama primarily appeared on The Late Late Show to promote her Let Girls Learn initiative, which promotes girls’ education around the world. In addition to Stevie Wonder and Beyonce, Michelle, Missy, and James also rocked out to the Let Girls Learn song, “This Is For My Girls”. All in all, it was a fun segment with a good message. We’re going to need a solo Carpool Karaoke with Missy Elliott though — and it looks like Missy agrees:


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