Weekend Update Will be Covering This Year’s RNC and DNC Conventions

WtFRXoZjYesterday, we provided a rundown of the late night coverage of the Republican and Democratic conventions. Today, another intriguing show joined in on the political chaos. Colin and Jost and Michael Che will be hosting two special episodes of Weekend Update on MSNBC on July 20 and 27 around midnight eastern time.

We don’t know when this decision was made, but after watching last night’s debacle that was the opening night of the RNC, Jost and Che must have been excited to weigh in on what they saw. Even though many other shows will be taping nightly programs this week there should be plenty of material left for Weekend Update to take on this weekend.

As far as we can recall, this is a first for Weekend UpdateSaturday Night Live has aired special episodes during campaign season in the past, but those episodes have been kind of like regular episodes. These MSNBC specials will be different in that they will be much more focused. Will Che and Jost be joined by some of our favorite update guests? It does kind of feel like Drunk Uncle might have something to say about the conventions, but we’ll have to wait and see.


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