Top Tweets: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift


Kanye West and Taylor Swift have a long, convoluted history that dates back to the 2009 MTV VMAs, when Kanye famously interrupted her on stage. Most recently, Taylor and Kanye have feuded over the lyrics to his “Famous” video in which he speculated that “me and Taylor might still have sex” and claimed that “I made that bitch famous”. There was a lot of back and forth, with Taylor claiming to be offended by the misogynistic lyrics and Kanye calling that B.S. since he ran the whole thing by her and she gave her approval. Then, Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian got involved and claimed that Kanye had videoed the whole conversation that proved that Taylor was lying about not knowing the lyrics in advance. And last night, she showed the proverbial receipts, releasing that video on Snapchat. Even more than Kim’s naked posterior, this video briefly broke the internet, with everyone weighing in. Whether you’re Team Kim/Kanye or Team Taylor, we’ve collected our favorite takes:

If Funny or Die is right, we’re in for quite a week:

Fox Sports 1’s Jay Onrait may have underestimated Kim’s social media power:

Billy Eichner says what we’re all really thinking:

It’s a good thing Review is done filming so Andy Daly has time to figure out what’s going on:

Libby Hill went straight to Taylor’s squad to find out their reactions:

Taylor Williamson has a tough choice ahead of him:

And finally, Dave Itzkoff keeps it all in perspective:



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