RNC/DNC Election Coverage From the Comedy World

2016-DNC-logo-jpgThis year’s Presidential conventions are the most anticipated in at least four years. For better or worse, we actually cannot remember the last time that so many people were interested in what would be happening both inside and outside of the convention sites. To break down the pure insanity that is this 2016 campaign season, the comedy world is stepping forward to lend a hand and we’ve got your guide for you.

colbert2Over on CBS, Stephen Colbert will be getting a few helping hands. He’ll be getting some assistance from the Jo(h)ns and Lewis Black. Stewart and Oliver will be dropping in this week in somewhat mysterious roles. The Late Show might be the one program that will garner the most interest since Jon Stewart will be back in the comedy-political arena again. Since his departure from The Daily Show it seems like there has been constant clamoring for his return to the fray. With Donald Trump’s march to the convention, Stewart’s involvement in the late night arena has gone from a nice to have to a must. Check out the live episodes of The Late Show on CBS both this week and next at 11:35 et on CBS. The guest lists are stacked, so even if you hate politics, you should still enjoy the shows.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee has become the go to source for fans of The Daily Show that are missing Jon Stewart. This Wednesday at 10:30pm et on TBS, Sam Bee will provide extra coverage of the Republican National Convention and will do the same next week for the Democrats. Expect lots of snarky, but spot on analysis from Samantha Bee. We already make Full Frontal appointment viewing so you know where we’ll be on Wednesday night.

An interesting entrant into the convention coverage sphere is The Onion. Everyone’s favorite satire news publication will be in Cleveland and Philadelphia for the two conventions. We see this coverage as a wild card as some of The Onion‘s previous TV style coverage has fallen flat. At the same time, the next two weeks should provide more material to the rulers of satire than they ever could have imagined. They’ll be airing special programs on their website as well as on YouTube and Facebook.

Because of Seth Meyers’ delivery and his willingness to go after both sides, we find Late Night to be as consistently funny as any show on late night. If only it aired sometime before we hit our REM sleep and it would be part of our regular before bed routine. This week, we might have to make an exception when Late Night will air live on July 21st, the final night of the RNC. Check it out at 12:35pm et on NBC.

Photo Credit: Peter Yang/Comedy Central

Photo Credit: Peter Yang/Comedy Central

The Daily Show is doing its best to remain relevant at 11:00pm et on Comedy Central. During the conventions, Trevor Noah will host special episodes that will also be simulcast on SiriusXM’s Comedy Central Radio. What will make the episodes special, you ask? On the two Mondays, the show will air clips explaining how we ended up at each election. The other nights will be filmed on-site, so expect some surprise guests.

We rarely watch Real Time With Bill Maher. Depending on whether or not we’re feeling election coverage overload will determine if we adjust our viewing schedule this week. The comedian will be hosting special episodes on HBO at 11:00pm et on July 20, 21, 27, and 28.


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