Kate McKinnon is not a Great DIY-er

This week, it seems like the only things happening in the world of entertainment are Pokemon and Ghostbusters. The cast members of Ghostbusters are making the final rounds before it premiers this weekend, and Kate McKinnon did her duty by stopping to visit Seth Meyers on Late Night. While most of her summer has been spent travelling around the world to make sure that people go and see Ghostbusters, Kate also told Seth about a summer project that she attempted to complete. As it turns out, Kate is not much for woodworking and her cat is not much for baths. 

While reviews for Ghostbusters have been somewhat mixed, most people agree that Kate gives a scene-stealing performance (Richard Roeper excepted). As anyone who’s watched her on Saturday Night Live can attest, Kate has a very specific energy and a real talent for bringing the weirdness into whatever she’s doing. While we recognize that that can be a little bit much for some people, we’re really looking forward to seeing that translated to the big screen. Heck, we’d watch it if the only thing she was doing was telling more stories about her trips to the hardware store. Hopefully she turns out to be a better Ghostbuster than a DIY-er.


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