‘Review’ Wraps Up Filming its 3rd and Final Season

Photo Credit: Comedy Central

Photo Credit: Comedy Central

For our money, Review is one of the funniest, darkest, and most unpredictable comedies on television. It’s also been, unfortunately, one of the lesser watched comedies, which explains why its upcoming third season will be its last. It will also be an abbreviated season, with The Hollywood Reporter reporting that it will have a minimum of three installments, although the exact episode count has yet to be released. While we of course would rather have more episodes, we trust Andy Daly and the rest of the creative team to wrap things well for Forrest, A.J., Grant, and everybody else in Forrest’s orbit.

Which isn’t to say that we expect a happy ending by any stretch of the imagination. Last season went darker than we ever expected, with even innocuous reviews such as “What’s it Like to Be Alone in a Rowboat?” and “Living Life by a Magic 8 Ball” turn into near-tragedies thanks to Forrest’s dedication to his craft. With a concrete ending looming, it really feels like the sky’s the limit (which is really saying something, considering they went to space way back in season one). We’re both terrified and giddy with anticipation.

Andy Daly has been tweeting about the filming of the third season, offering clues to some of the reviews that will be covered:

And sharing some of the “lasts” on set:

Oh this? Just the Review stage being swept into the dustbin of television history. RS3 Last Day

A post shared by Andy Daly (@tvsandydaly) on

Thanks for the memories. At the risk of sounding cliche, we give Review 5 stars.


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