Last Week Tonight: Doping (June 26)

After John Oliver’s impassioned Brexit segment last week (which unfortunately couldn’t be seen in the UK until after the vote), we were eager to see his reaction to the result that the UK had, indeed, decided to Brexit. It wasn’t the main segment, but John’s incredulity at the vote and its aftermath was really great. He hit all of the unbelievable developments since the vote on Thursday, and ended with a warning to America: “There are no fucking do-overs.” We’ve included an un-official video of this segment below, for however long it’s available on YouTube.

The main segment, though, related to the fast-approaching Rio Olympics. While there are a lot of problems facing the Rio Olympics (even more so than the usual doom-and-gloom lead-up to the Olympic Games, it seems), John Oliver didn’t take the IOC to task like his evisceration of FIFA, nor did he take a deep dive into the various levels of corruption in the Brazilian government and Olympics organizing committee. Instead, John focused on an issue facing athletes from all over the world: doping. The incredible detail found in the report on the Russian doping program (which led to the track and field team being banned from competition) was a good jumping-off point, but John made it clear that the extreme lengths that athletes (and athletic governing bodies) go to to get an edge is common to every country. He also explained why it’s so difficult to have strict testing procedures and, as has become one of his trademarks, ended with a more honest athlete profile. Because hey, if we’re not going to get serious about stopping cheating, then we should at least have honest athlete promos.


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