Will Forte brought all his Greatest Hits to the Tonight Show

Will Forte’s time on Saturday Night Live was a delight from top to bottom, but one of our favorite characters is maybe one of his lowest-key ones: presidential candidate Tim Calhoun (he’s the candidate for the Write-In Party, who’s running for the office of president of America, United States). So imagine our delight when Tim Calhoun popped up on The Tonight Show! He’s got a lot of good qualities (including confident, strong, and dancer) and he has absolutely no skeletons in his closet (they’re in a duffle bag in his basement). He’s truly the one who can “Make America Grate Cheese Again”.


But that’s not all! Will Forte then sat down with Jimmy Fallon and talked about another great Will Forte comedic bit – that time he shaved half of his entire head for The Last Man on Earth. We’ll never get tired of his half bearded face. We really can’t think of anyone else right now who has the same level of commitment to comedy as Will Forte. The Last Man on Earth has really come into its own in the second season, largely because Will is not afraid to really be weird.

And THEN it got even better, because Will’s partner in crime, Jason Sudeikis, showed up to do karaoke. They didn’t do “Falling Slowly”, but “Can’t Fight This Feeling” was just as good. We’d watch an entire episode of Will and Jason singing love songs to each other, and we don’t think we’re the only ones. Heck, if Lip Sync Battle can be an actual television show, why not “Will and Jason’s Duet Hour”? Come on, NBC, make it happen.


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