Top Tweets: Brexit


The Brexit vote has come and gone. The UK has decided to go its own way and leave the European Union. Who knows what this will mean for any of us. What we do know is that the comedy world did their best to have fun with things on Twitter starting last night through the middle of the night and into this morning.

Jim Gaffigan has pinpointed the source of the leave sentiment:

Jemaine Clement is looking on the bright side of life:

As is Cristela Alonzo:

Ian Karmel also found a silver lining:

Recognizing the culture we live in, Joe Mande recognizes the struggle many Americans feel:

Lindsay Lohan live tweeting the Brexit was also a big story. Jen Kirkman tried to find solace in that:

Trevor Moore just wants to see Big Ben:

Morgan Murphy tried to, but just can’t quite relate:

But Cameron Esposito could:

Chris Kelly wanted to get in on the Brexit joke fun:

Michael Ian Black tried to help the EU stay one step ahead:

We’re not sure that Brent Butt quite understands how the Brexit vote worked:


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