Jim Gaffigan’s Father’s Day Gift Guide

The Jim Gaffigan Show returns to TVLand this Sunday, which fittingly enough, is Father’s Day. To promote the show, Jim made a special appearance on The Tonight Show last night. Rather than a usual interview or stand-up set, Jim presented the audience with the perfect gift guide for Father’s Day. After throwing away the typical Father’s Day gifts like ties and beer-can hats, Jim and Jimmy took at look at things that dads would really want to get. Of course, a lot of the things ended up being Jim Gaffigan-related, but hey, we know our dads would enjoy going to a Jim Gaffigan show! Plus, Jim got in some fun jabs at Jimmy and how he “wrote” a book. And if none of that interests you, just watch for the giant gummy worms.

We’re really looking forward to season two of The Jim Gaffigan Show. There might be a lot of “comedian plays a heightened version of himself” shows on television right now, but Jim’s show has a very specific voice. The storylines around his wife and kids were unique and he managed to get some really great guest stars. We expect all of that to continue this season. Now, if only we could get some giant gummy worms to snack on while we watch…


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