President Obama Used Maya Rudolph’s Dressing Room

Maya and Marty star Maya Rudolph popped by Late Night with Seth Meyers last night. The two former SNL-ers have a fun, easy chemistry with each other that makes them entertaining to watch together, regardless of the topic. Luckily, Maya had a fun topic to talk about: when President Obama was on The Tonight Show last week, he used her dressing room! Apparently Maya and Marty shoots on the same floor in Rockefeller Center as Jimmy Fallon’s show, so they co-opted Maya’s dressing room for a couple of days for the president. Maya left Obama a note and he not only replied to her note, but he also left behind presidential chocolate kisses. Maya’s right, that’s about the coolest move there is.

Kenan Thompson also made a surprise appearance to help Maya serenade Seth’s baby. As his favorite characters, Titi and Mario, Maya and Kenan sang some decidedly inappropriate lullabies to baby Ash.


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