JB Smoove Hints at More Curb Your Enthusiasm

Courtesy of IMDb

Courtesy of IMDb

In case you missed The Rich Eisen Show, which we did, JB Smoove appeared as a guest and suggested that there may be new episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm in the works. It has been five years since the last new season of the show so all of those fans eagerly awaiting news like this must be thinking that this sounds pretty, pretty, pretty good.

JB Smoove said in the interview that he speaks with Larry regularly and that he’s been talking about Curb Your Enthusiasm again recently. Talk is talk and action is action, but this revelation does provide reason for optimism. With many members of the cast working on other projects and seemingly moving on we pretty much wrote off any new episodes. It’s great that the tide may be turning in Larry’s mind.

We can’t help but wonder if Larry’s changing feelings about Curb have something to do with his recent run on Saturday Night Live where he hosted and also made numerous appearances as Bernie Sanders. The Sanders character that he played really wasn’t all that different than the one he plays on Curb. In fact, SNL spoofed the series when he hosted by mixing Bernie with Curb. Maybe Larry was leaning towards making more episodes of Curb before this. Who knows, but we’re just happy that we might get to see the show make a comeback.


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