Seth Meyers Welcomes His Late Night Rival James Corden

The late night wars of the Leno/Letterman era have largely cooled off. You just don’t hear about the current crop of late night hosts having any kind of animosity towards each other. Sure, they’re still competing for ratings, but that seems to be more of a concern for the network bosses than the guys who are sitting behind the desks, and even they don’t seem to care about promoting rivals. Case in point: Seth Meyers welcomed James Corden to Late Night with Seth Meyers last night. James is in New York because he’s hosting the Tony Awards on Sunday, and in addition to filming a great Broadway Carpool Karaoke sketch on his own show, he’s also been promoting the Tonys by making the rounds elsewhere.

Seth and James had a little bit of fun with the fact that they are direct time slot competitors, with James showing up decked out in The Late Late Show with James Corden gear and them switching desks after telling viewers to switch over to a (pre-taped) episode of The Late Late Show on CBS. They also chatted about the Tonys, of course, and the revelation that James wants to do karaoke with the crowd hopefully registered as the least surprising revelation ever.

Seriously though, we think James will be a great Tonys host, and he certainly has the credentials for it, having won one himself. Ultimately, though, we think he knows what everyone else knows: the Tonys this year are really all about Hamilton and all he needs to do to be a successful host is to step back and let them do their thing.


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