Sweet Fancy Moses! Seinfeldia is the New Book That’s All About Seinfeld!

41CbOf0rcZL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Seinfeld ended 20 years ago, but for fans of the series it has never really left. It’s still on pretty much every night of the week and many of the ubiquitous phrases of the show continue to live on in daily conversation.

Thanks to author, Jennifer Keishin Armstrong, Seinfeld fans will get another chance to celebrate the series when her new book, Seinfeldia comes out on July 5th. Subtitled, How a Show About Nothing Changed Everything, the book promises to offer fans of Seinfeld with a bunch of new information to chew on. The news of this book has us speechless. We’re without speech.

As fans of the show, we’re thirsty for some fun new Seinfeld stories. Armstrong’s book promises to include a bunch of those. Simon & Schuster’s brief synopsis of the book mentions that the book will take readers behind the scenes with stories about some of the show’s craziest characters.

Armstrong is a TV journalist. Her take on the history of the series should be one that fans of the series and fans of television will devour. Hopefully the book will serve as a reverse peephole into the inner workings of the series. Based on the dust cover quotes that we’ve read, it should do just that.

Giddy-up and head over to Amazon to pre-order Seinfeldia. If you’re planning on returning it (and why would you) just make sure that it never goes into the bathroom.


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