Gary Johnson Brought Some Political Silliness to Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Ready for a rhetorical question? Ok, who else is tired of the Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton/Bernie Sanders coverage? Everybody? We thought so. Last night Samantha Bee used a few minutes of time on Full Frontal to focus on another Presidential candidate that is beginning to make a few waves, Gary Johnson.

After a solid, but predictable first half of the show that focused on the mainstream candidates (below), Bee shared an interview with the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson. We’ve come to enjoy Johnson’s straight forward honesty in other interviews that we have seen. On Full Frontal we saw that and a whole lot more.

Gary Johnson showed that he’s a pretty fun, albeit a little wacky, guy. We saw him rock climbing, we saw pictures of him at the top of the mountain, and we heard him give some pretty straight forward answers to Sam Bee.

It remains to be seen how much of an impact, Johnson’s recent media appearances will have on this November’s election, but one thing is for sure, he should make it a little more fun.


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