Last Week Tonight: Debt Buyers (June 5)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver often talks about the ways that people’s personal finances can be preyed upon by various shady groups (see, for example, John’s takes on bail and credit report companies). This week, John Oliver talked about collection agencies (or, as they’re known now, debt buyers). As will surprise absolutely no one, when the banks sell your debt to other companies (who then sell it to other companies), the people who try to collect this debt become progressively less ethical and more aggressive.

But they didn’t just talk about it. Like that amazing time when John started a church, the Last Week Tonight team started their own debt recovery business called Central Asset Recovery Professionals Inc. (or CARP after the bottom feeding fish). With little more than a website, they purchased about $15 million in medical debt. But instead of collecting on the debt of those 9000 people’s, he decided to forgive it. And with the press of a very large button, Last Week Tonight staged the largest giveaway in television history (take that, Oprah!).


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