Barack Obama Will be on The Tonight Show this Thursday

Barack-Obama-Net-Worth-660x330Regardless of your opinions of his job as Commander in Chief, Barack Obama has always done a good job in situations when has had
to be funny. He’ll get another shot to show his comedy chops this Thursday when he appears on The Tonight Show.

All year, politicians have been popping up in late night. Forgive us if we’re fatigued and it caused us to forget, but this will apparently be Obama’s first time visiting Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

Barack Obama is great when it comes to telling jokes. He’s charismatic, which goes a long way. He also seems to know how to hit a punch line and just the right beats that are required to make a joke land. People take shots at him and say that he has writers, but so what? Are we expecting him to be staying up all night working on material for television appearances and the Correspondants’ Dinner? We’re pretty sure that he has more pressing matters to deal with. What we enjoy is that when he does have to tell a joke, he usually tells it well.

The interview segment on Thursday will be interesting and we’re sure that there will be plenty of Trump bashing and a few jabs sent Jimmy Fallon’s way. That’s kind of expected these days. What will also be interesting is whether or not Jimmy will get the President to play one of his games with him. Truth be told, we’re not usually the biggest fans of Jimmy’s games, but it could be fun to see Barack Obama putting himself into a somewhat self deprecating situation.

This should be an interesting episode of The Tonight Show and one thing we can bet on is that it will be newsworthy one way or another.


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