Jimmy Kimmel is Running for Vice President

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel threw his hat into the ring and declared that he is running for Vice President. He wants to be “number two” as he put it and if you look at the ridiculous candidates running for President, all we could think was, “why not?”

Jimmy got a little help from CNN’s Jake Tapper, Dana Bash and Wolf Blitzer. With the “credibility” of CNN backing Kimmel’s bid for the Vice Presidency we’re not so sure that this is fake. If a reality TV show host and a Goldman Sachs motivational speaker can be the top choices for the highest position in America then why can’t a guy who has made a living off of telling jokes be second in command?

We’re still several months away from election day and things continue to get more and more absurd. With so much attention focused on Trump, Hillary, Bernie, and a process that seems completely broken, late night hosts and comedians in general will continue to have a field day. Kimmel is just the latest to take aim and use his platform to poke fun at the foolishness that is 21st century American politics.


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