Michael Ian Black Wrote a Children’s Book About Donald Trump

Michael Ian Black is a very busy guy. He has a new comedy special coming out called Noted Expert, which debuts on Epix on May 13. He co-stars in both The Jim Gaffigan Show (returning to TVLand on June 19) and Another Period (Comedy Central, June 15) and he’s just signed on to Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, which will debut on Netflix sometime in 2017.

In between all of that, Michael somehow found time to write a new children’s book, and it couldn’t be more timely: the book is called A Child’s First Book of Trump and it gives parents a way to explain the Trump phenomenon to their children. Done in a Seussian style, it looks like it will be a hilarious addition to bookshelves of children and adults alike. We mean, seriously, is there anything that describes Donald Trump better than this verse?:

The beasty is called an American Trump.
Its skin is bright orange, its figure is plump.
Its fur so complex you might get enveloped.
Its hands though are, sadly, underdeveloped.

You can pre-order it on Amazon now.


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