Chris Hardwick Talks Past and Present Relationships on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Chris Hardwick’s new comedy special, Funcomfortable, premieres tomorrow night (April 30) on Comedy Central. He appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and ended up talking to Jimmy about current and past relationships. Chris is currently engaged and his fiancée happens to be a member of the Hearst family. Needless to say, she and Chris had very different upbringings, which can be seen in the types of people they’re friends with (and what their grandparents did).

Jimmy also surprised Chris with a blast from his past. Chris has claimed that he lost his virginity in high school to a blow up doll. Well, this kind of tidbit is perfect late night fodder, and Jimmy Kimmel had a blow up doll brought out so that Chris could “reconnect” with his high school ex-girlfriend. It’s very silly, but let it never be said that Chris doesn’t commit to a bit.


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