Ricky Gervais Talks David Brent and Donald Trump with Seth Meyers

Ricky Gervais’ new movie, Special Correspondents, will be released this Friday, April 29, on Netflix. The plot sounds perfectly suited to Gervais, as it has a radio journalist and his technician (Eric Bana and Gervais) fake their own kidnapping and file their stories from New York. Ricky has been making the rounds promoting the movie, but he’s ended up spending just as much time talking about this summer’s release of David Brent: Life on the Road. Seth Meyers talked to Ricky about reprising his famous role from The Office, asking him whether he thought there was the possibility that it might ruin the “perfect” ending of the show. Naturally, Ricky wasn’t worried at all.

They also talked about other versions of The Office. While Ricky was mistaken about their being two Canadian versions (in French and English), we did like the tidbit about the French version’s “David Brent” character being named “David Gervais”. We’ve never seen an episode of the French version but we might have to check it out just for fun.

Ricky also talked a bit about Donald Trump, and he has a brilliant plan for how to deal with him. We would absolutely tune in to a White House version of The Truman Show starring Donald Trump. The ratings would be yuuge!

And finally, here’s a quick “Digital Exclusive” where Seth has a little bit of fun with Ricky doing the affiliate promos.


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