Last Week Tonight: Puerto Rico (April 24)

Hamilton creator/writer/star Lin-Manuel Miranda really is everywhere these days. He took a break from Broadway yesterday to hop over to Last Week Tonight‘s New York studios to help John Oliver explain what’s been going on in Puerto Rico. As a territory, Puerto Rico exists in a weird limbo where the people who live there are American citizens but since they’re not a full state, they’re subject to all kinds of loopholes that don’t affect states. John showed how some of these loopholes had been beneficial (bringing businesses to the island) and others were extremely damaging (allowing vulture funds to operate in the territory). What’s worse, some of these loopholes didn’t even have reasons to exist – no one could explain why they were introduced in the first place. It all seems very complicated but luckily everything is more understandable when it’s explained in song. No one is better at that kind of thing than Lin-Manuel Miranda, and his powerful song (“100 Miles Across”) advocating for the island isn’t one we’ll soon forget.


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