Matt Walsh Brings Stephen Colbert a 4/20 Gift

Matt Walsh stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night to promote the upcoming season of Veep. The political satire returns this Sunday, April 24 on HBO, although with the way this election season is going, it’s going to be hard for them to top it. It’s hard to imagine how they could come up with anything more outlandish than we’ve already seen in reality, but we can’t wait to watch them try! We’re sure that Matt’s character Mike McLintock will be at the center of whatever scandal Selina Meyer next finds herself in. 

Anyway, since his appearance on The Late Show happened to fall on 4/20, Matt Walsh tried to be a good guest by bringing Stephen a 4/20-themed gift. Since Stephen has affirmed that he doesn’t get high (no need to drug test him, CBS!), Matt thought it might be awkward if some of his guests were getting high and wanting Stephen to join in. His solution? To give Stephen his very own bong and fake weed so that he could just pretend to smoke up with them. Actually, the whole plan felt like it would be right at home in the Veep universe. We can just imagine Selina meeting with a foreign leader and getting herself caught in bong-gate. Potential season 5 spoiler?


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