Top Tweets: Harriett Tubman Is Going To Be On The $20 Bill

cropped-microphone-md1.pngAfter a lot of speculation, we know who will be the first woman to appear on US paper currency. Harriett Tubman has been chosen to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. There was a lot of talk about replacing Hamilton on the $10, but Tubman will get a more prestigious place on the $20.

Here are our favorite funny tweets about today’s news:

Dave Itzkoff knows that one denomination won’t change:

Joe Mande is part of a very specific group of people:

George Wallace has plans:

Paul Scheer still wants the $10 bill to change:

Chris Kelly has spotted a pattern online:

After 160 years, Eric Stangel is happy to see Andrew Jackson get his comeuppance:

Chris Cotton is already trying out some new slang for the 20 dollar bill:

And so is Taylor Williamson:

Billy Eichner wants to appear on some cold hard cash:

Judah Friedlander has an interesting idea:


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