9 Things From Last Night’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Greg and Larry

Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Scott Schafer/FOX

Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Scott Schafer/FOX

This was it…the season three finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. “Greg and Larry” may have ended the season, but it left the Adrian Pimento/Jimmy Figgis situation very much up in the air. This episode had a little bit of everything and while we’re sad to see the season come to an end, it definitely left us satisfied. As always, we compiled our list of 9 Things From Last Night’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine:

1. The Plot

The penultimate episode left us with a lot of cliffhangers that needed to be resolved in the finale: Amy was in prison pretending to be pregnant, Boyle was about to adopt a baby, Jake and Rosa were getting drunk, Adrian Pimento was still on the run from a hitman, and Captain Holt was being held at gunpoint by one of his old buddies.

CR: John P. Fleenor/FOX

CR: John P. Fleenor/FOX

With so many plot points to deal with, it’s no surprise that the season finale was fast paced. If you blinked, you probably will have missed something interesting. We knew at the end of last week’s episode that Holt wound up held at gunpoint. We just didn’t know how that happened. It turns out that after leaving Wheelan’s room to get some proper food (as opposed to the chocolate bars that Jake left), Holt walked back in on Bob suffocating the guy who could lead the detectives to Pimento’s hitman, Figgis. You remember Wheelan, right? He was ScarJo. Sadly, that’s the last time we’ll be able to reference that joke. After witnessing the hospital murder, Holt is led around the hospital by Bob. Leaving behind a chocolatey trail, Holt shows the faith he has in his team. His trust pays off.

While they usually are a drain on the team, Scully and Hitchcock have the appropriate set of skills for this job. They know the taste of chocolate (helpful for tasting Holt’s chocolate bar clues) and they can’t text well (good for Holt’s pocket text clues). Eventually everyone other than Boyle and Amy end up on the hospital’s helipad where they capture Bob and save Captain Holt. Only about 10 minutes into “Greg and Larry” things don’t end there.

During the whole hospital chase, Amy and Boyle need to make their way out of the prison and back to Brooklyn. After Amy’s heartfelt goodbye to her former cellmates, she and Boyle head to the airport. We’ve commented on the various ways that Melissa Fumero’s pregnancy has been hidden this season. Again, we’ll give the writers credit for creativity. Instead of hiding her stomach they chose to keep her “fake pregnant”, giving Amy an excuse to get first class tickets on the plane. Even first class tickets can’t help Amy relax, though. Boyle’s attempts to keep her from being concerned about Holt with 27 Dresses and ice cream are only partially successful, but they make it back to the gang just in time.

Meanwhile, the rest of the 9-9 decides that they need to hide Bob at Rosa’s place, since Figgis has guys in both the police and the FBI. Rosa’s place is completely off the radar (more on that later). Of course, there’s first the small matter of sneaking Bob out of the hospital, which is crawling with henchmen. Thanks to some scrubs and some truly great acting by Gina in a strait jacket, they’re able to escape.

While at Rosa’s surprisingly well-decorated apartment, all the detectives take turns interrogating Bob but to no avail. He doesn’t break even when Jake tries to ruin jazz or when Gina complains about her cousin’s Lyme disease, so the guy is pretty much a robot. That’s when things get ramped up yet another level, as the power is cut and the place seems to be under attack. The whole thing turns out to be a set up (thanks to a just-arrived Charles and Amy), but it’s believable enough to make Bob give up the location of Figgis’ files. While Jake went to get the files to verify that Bob was telling the truth, Bob, Holt, and the rest of the team hid out in Rosa’s safe room, waiting for Jake’s special knock to let them know it was okay to come out (more on that below).

We told you — it was a jam-packed episode! In the end, the whole 9-9 celebrates their victory at the bar, but it’s short-lived. Amy barely gets to tell Jake that she loves him “so much” and that she wants to move in with him before Jake gets a call from Figgis threatening revenge on both Jake and Holt.

Cut to a month later, and Holt and Jake (sorry, Greg and Larry) seem to be settling into a quiet life in suburban Florida. We’ll have to wait until season four to find out how long they’re forced to stay in witness protection and whether they ever catch up to Figgis.

2. Making a Bad Impression

There are a lot of ways to find two people that you’re looking for. Probably the last choice would be impersonating both of them with the hopes that getting into their personas will help. Since it would be most people’s last it was Jake’s first. Watching him do so so Andre Braugher and Dennis Haysbert impressions was a lot of fun.

Last week, everyone watching noticed how much Andre Braugher and Dennis Haysbert sound alike. When Jake was impersonating them it was hard to tell who he was trying to be when, which we suppose means that the impression was perfect. With lines like, “I’m breaking the law, Raymond. Because I am the worst”, Jake pretty much captured the essence of the Bob’s character.

3. I Asked the Guy Why You So Fly?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is known for great nicknames, funny pranks, and a whole lot more. Included in that whole lot more is the odd slice of musical comedy. In “Greg and Larry”, we see Jake and Holt give a brief performance of Tone Loc’s Funky Cold Medina.

Funky Cold Medina wasn’t just about laughs. It also was the soundtrack for a very sweet moment. After getting the Figgis file and reuniting the whole squad, Peralta and Holt share a moment singing the song together, which shows just how far their relationship had come in the last three years.

4. Three Out of More Than 40,000

We’ve learned a lot about Captain Holt during the first three seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Possibly most importantly, we found out what are his three favorite rice varietals. In no particular order, they are:

  • White rice
  • Brown rice
  • Basmati

5. Oooh! It’s So Nice!

Until “Greg and Larry”, we had seen almost every character’s home. The only one we didn’t remember seeing was Rosa’s. This week, we finally got a glimpse into her lair. It bared absolutely no resemblance to what we expected to see. It was nice. It was clean. It even had fancy, multi-wicked candles. We were as surprised as her co-workers at what we saw.

Although Rosa will need to move now that people know where she lives, we now know some of the tricks she uses to fly under the radar:

  • Rent it out under shell corporation
  • Mail goes to PO Box in Queens
  • Her neighbors think her name is Emily Goldfinch
  • The people she works with think her name is Rosa Diaz

6. Someone Loves Shonda Rhimes

Apparently someone on the Brooklyn Nine-Nine writing staff is a Grey-head (is that what they call Grey’s Anatomy fans?). While frolicking through the hospital trying to evade Figgis’ guys, Terry and Jake had time for some Grey’s Anatomy references. Here are some of the Grey’s Anatomy things we noticed:

  • Terry feeling like Sandra Oh
  • Watched 27 Dresses, which features Katherine Heigl
  • Terry knows medical terminology from watching the show
  • Jake likes the episode with the bomb in the butt

Did we miss any? Let us know.

7. A Little #InsideInfo

We always noticed the name “Norm Hiscock” during the Brooklyn Nine-Nine opening credits. We never thought much more about it beyond the fact that Hiscock almost looks like a misspelled name. Well, according to Dirk Blocker (Hitchcock), Norm is the namesake for his character. His partner, Scully? Well, he is named after Mike Scully. We’re not sure how we missed this before, but after Dirk Block tweeted about the names of the characters/writers/producers this week, we felt like this was something we should’ve known.

8. Let’s Play Carnac

Whenever there is a cliffhanger, we like to predict what will happen next. Based on the season three finale, we’re in for a lot of fun in season four.

Obviously these guesses are almost totally baseless and are not for the purposes of wagering, but we’ll watch to see how accurate/inaccurate we are.

  • Holt and Peralta will spend a few episodes in Florida as Greg and Larry, and they’ll drive each other crazy as suburban neighbors
  • Once Peralta gets back to Brooklyn he’ll probably move in with Amy
  • We suspect that by the end of next season, Amy and Peralta will be engaged (will there also be an Amy pregnancy to celebrate?)
  • Pimento will probably return for an episode or two and then leave after he and Rosa break up
  • Dennis Haysbert will stick around for another few episodes as this whole Figgis thing wraps up

What are your guesses?

9. Other Funny Lines

Every week there are a number of funny one liners that we feel are funny enough to stand on their own. Here they are:

  • Chocolate is the devil’s caramel – Bob
  • Why would you touch a hospital thing and then put it in your mouth? – Peralta
  • Jen, you’re a nazi. We never really clicked – Amy
  • Never get between a teacher’s pet and her teacher – Amy
  • It’s because I’ve been electrocuted so many times – Scully
  • This man has a bomb in his butt – Peralta
  • Abandon gurnies! Abandon gurnies! – Peralta
  • I am Serena Williams! – Gina
  • I don’t want to hang out with some stupid baby who hasn’t met Jake – Boyle
  • Jizz jazz jingle jazz!!! – Peralta
  • We fooled you, you fool! – Peralta

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