Samantha Bee Tries to Buy an NRA Mascot Costume

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee returned to TBS last night after a two week hiatus during which it was announced that TBS had picked up the show for a full season. Samantha and the rest of the Full Frontal crew celebrated this news with this absolutely amazing segment on the NRA’s mascot. Yes, the National Rifle Association has a mascot. His name is Eddie Eagle and he travels around the country teaching gun safety to children. As Samantha says, “There was something about the costume: so mockable. So asinine. I had to have one.”And so began her journey to try to acquire her very own Eddie Eagle mascot costume. While she was ultimately unsuccessful in obtaining a mascot for the purpose of perpetrating “disgusting satire”, she did at least manage to obtain quite the arsenal of weapons while mocking the NRA. In the end, Samantha even put those guns to good use, displaying impressive crafting skills in making her very own Eddie Eagle costume. We’ll definitely call that a win.



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