Amy Schumer Drops by The Tonight Show

Amy Schumer visited The Tonight Show on Tuesday night. She is beginning the promotional tour for the new seas of Inside Amy Schumer, which returns to Comedy Central Thursday, April 21st at 10pm et. With Not Safe with Nikki Glaser just winding up a solid first season we’re excited to have Amy back on TV. Based on the clips we had seen and the one shown last night, we can’t wait for next Thursday.

Amy and Jimmy Fallon spent the first half of the guest spot chatting. While Amy found a comfortable way to sit she brought up the recent pls-sized model mix-up with Glamour magazine. Amy has handle that debacle well and decided to just laugh it off again last night. Jimmy then asked Amy about her boyfriend. For the most part, Amy is an open book and that’s part of what makes her so good on talk shows.

After a break, Amy and Jimmy played Explain This Photo. After going through each others’ phone they had to give a little background on some pictures they have taken. The premise wasn’t bad, but at least one of Amy’s pictures had previously been posted online so the element of surprise was pretty much gone for that one.


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