9 Things From Last Night’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Bureau

Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Scott Schafer/FOX

Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Scott Schafer/FOX

First off, sorry for no recaps of the last two episodes. We’re back this week though with another list of the things we think you will want to know about from “The Bureau”. This will be our last time writing about Brooklyn Nine-Nine before next week’s season finale.  As always, we compiled our list of 9 Things From Last Night’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine:

1. The Plot

“The Bureau” picked up where “Maximum Security” left off. Amy is still undercover in prison and Boyle is there in a support role pretending to be a doctor. Meanwhile, the search for Pimento continues with a re-enforcement from Holt’s past.

CR: John P. Fleenor/FOX

CR: John P. Fleenor/FOX

To help with the search for Pimento, Captain Holt has brought in a former colleague, Bob Anderson (Dennis Haysbert). The introduction of the Bob character was a total win for the audience. Haysbert showed some pretty good comedic chops. He worked incredibly well with Andre Braugher and although he turned out to be a bad guy we still loved him in “The Bureau”.

Working with Bob and Holt are Peralta and Rosa. They develop a plan to sneak into FBI offices to get a file belonging to the scarred man aka ScarJo aka Ryan Wheelan. After learning pull-ups, doing yoga, and studying up on Sex and the City this crack squad of detectives manages to get the file that they were looking for. The information inside seemed like it would lead them to Figgis…that was until we found out some details from Amy.

CR: John P. Fleenor/FOX

CR: John P. Fleenor/FOX

Still in jail, Amy has become quite close with Maura Figgis. As close as they have become, it isn’t as close as Maura would like to be with Boyle. After inadvertently seeing Amy hug Boyle, Maura wants a piece of him. While Maura thinks that she is seeing romance between Amy and fake doctor Boyle she is actually seeing a celebratory hug. Boyle is awaiting news on an adoption application. Due to a poorly timed phone call, Maura finds this out.

Even though Maura is angry at Boyle, her distressing love life brings her closer to Amy. We didn’t see all of this coming when we were watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine last week and it made this part of the Figgis investigation a little more interesting. With a friendship blossoming between Amy and Maura, the involvement of Bob Anderson is revealed. It turns out that he is involved in the whole Pimento fiasco. To confirm this, the episode ends with him holding Captain Holt at gunpoint. Uh oh!

CR: John P. Fleenor/FOX

CR: John P. Fleenor/FOX

While all of the Pimento investigation stuff is going on, Terry and Gina are tied up in a side story this week. The Nine-Nine’s crime numbers leaked early. Apparently this is a big deal. Instead of wondering if he messed up, Terry places blame on Scully and Hitchcock (understandably) and then on Gina. While Terry had good reason to suspect others, he accidentally posted a picture on social media that showed the data.

Terry has never been known to be a social media guy and we doubt this will come up again. For one of the best episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine ever this is a pretty minor gripe, but it felt like this filler story was resolved through the use of fairly uncreative reasoning. We’ll let it slide because we loved “The Bureau” pretty much from beginning to end.

2. 225641441636324

In the cold open to “The Bureau”, Captain Holt tells the detectives that he has applied a complicated case number to the Pimento file. The number (above) is supposedly Pimento in numbers (assigned by Holt) squared. The math doesn’t quite work out because the square root includes a number of decimal places, but imagining Holt using something like a Turing machine to create this 15 digit number amuses us.

3. Another Flashback

“The Bureau” featured another Captain Holt flashback scene. These are the best, aren’t they? 2010’s Raymond Holt is one of our favorite characters. 1970’s Raymond Holt might be our absolute favorite character.

This week’s flashback featured Holt with Bob Anderson. The two might not look that much alike, but they are doppelgangers. They don’t get sarcasm and they are sticklers when it comes to rules. At no point were their similarities better on display when they argued over the way to say, “let’s break into the FBI”. Only a trained ear would have been able to tell the difference between Dennis Haysbert and Andre Braugher.

We’re pretty sure that Dennis’ job as the Nationwide spokesman is safe, but we’ll be watching to see if Andre Braugher all of a sudden is the guy in the commercials.

4. Clown Boobies

When trying to find out the identity of ScarJo, Jake Peralta hangs out by a newsstand. Most detectives would read Sports Illustrated or Time or something like that. Not Jake Peralta. He opts for Clown Boobies. We can only imagine what the contents of the magazine would look like, but we suspect that the pictures wouldn’t be pretty.

5. Lint

Part of any good break-in plan is a walk-through on a blueprint or replica. The detectives had the FBI blueprints to do this, but they didn’t have little characters to represent themselves. Instead of using paper clips, mugs, or some other office supply, they use Peralta’s pocket lint. Needing to identify which lint is which, Bob and Holt explain exactly what their pieces look like:

  • Bob – round, approximately 1 cm in diameter, blue
  • Holt – oblong, half a cm in length, also blue

6. Samantha

There were two great Sex and the City scenes in “The Bureau”. First, Captain Holt studied up on the series with Gina. Then he talked to the FBI security guard about the series. The two Sex and the Cit-iots delved deep into the series to analyze their favorite moments.

Whenever people talk Sex and the City they always talk about which character they most relate to. For Captain Holt, apparently that character is Samantha. We don’t really see it. As a close second, he said he was a mix of “all four characters, five if you count New York”. We could listen to Holt talk Sex and the City for an entire episode. It is so out of character that it was a great way to generate laughs.

7. Art of Seduction

When Boyle has to romance a woman he takes it seriously. That goes for both real and fake romance. To prepare for Maura Figgis, Boyle decides to first take things slow. Then he sets up a sexy playlist. Finally, he gets his seductive voice ready. Maura Figgis didn’t seem like a picky lover given that she’s in jail for murder, but that didn’t mean that Boyle wasn’t going to take things seriously.

8. Celebrating

After Jake and Rosa found out who was working with Figgis at the FBI they decided to go to the bar to get loaded. This seems like a reasonable thing to celebrate.

While at the bar, Jake and Rosa run into Scully and Hitchcock. Their reason for celebrating seemed a little more frivolous. “Terry was mad at us, but we didn’t know what he was talking about and he went away.” It seems like that’s all it takes to classify a Scully/Hitchcock day as “huge”.

9. Other Funny Lines

Every week there are a number of funny one liners that we feel are funny enough to stand on their own. Here they are:

  • You’re working file-less – Bob
  • We’ve been calling him ScarJo – Peralta
  • I don’t know, Jake made me Jewish – Boyle
  • I can do a pull-up. Terry will teach me – Peralta
  • Curse this perfect butt – Boyle
  • Coolest guy ever? Try telling that to Alan Greenspan – Bob
  • Stupid hospital vending machines didn’t have alcohol for some reason – Peralta
  • You know I’m a proud member of team follow-back – Terry

3 thoughts on “9 Things From Last Night’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Bureau

  1. I loved how Captain Holt kept apologizing to Bob, about his colleagues’ behaviour ^^^
    Surprisingly enough, Bob was fine with it more often then not!

    The “You’re working file-less” line was gold indeed. I could so feel Bob’s consternation

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, yeah that was fantastic too! We loved their whole dynamic. It’s too bad that Bob ended up being a bad guy, because we definitely would’ve loved to see him as a recurring character


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