Just for Laughs Announcement: Jimmy Carr and Gad Elmaleh

CfMlTnRWsAAAwbk CfMndH5WsAMN3ptYesterday, Just for Laughs announced the first of what we know will be many solo shows for this summer’s festival in Montreal. Jimmy Carr and Gad Elmaleh will be performing this July.

British comic, Jimmy Carr was one of the stars of last year’s The Nasty Show at the Just for Laughs festival. This year, he has a solo show that will run from July 25-30. Carr may come across as a snooty Brit, but his comedy is in the mud. Unaware of the term “boundaries”, Carr’s hilarious material will be sure to leave some stunned, but most very happy that they attended his show.

Gad Elmaleh is someone who we are less familiar with. He is a French comedian who will be performing in English from July 26-29. Referred to as the “Jerry Seinfeld of French Comedy”, we think that seeing Gad perform sounds like something we’ll want to do when the festival rolls around this summer.

Both, Jimmy Carr and Gad Elmaleh will be performing at Le Gesu. Tickets can be purchased right now using the presale code JFLMTL. For Jimmy Carr, click here and for Gad Elmaleh, click here.


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