Jerrod Carmichael Chats with Seth Meyers on Late Night

If you’re not watching The Carmichael Show, you’ve got to get on that. No show in recent memory has tackled serious issues in such a funny way since All in the Family. That’s a long time ago! This is what makes the show feel so fresh and different. And a helluva lot of fun too with some of the funniest writing on TV. For that reason, we were pretty excited to see Jerrod Carmichael when he appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers yesterday.

Jerrod and Seth really hit it off. This isn’t surprising since Seth totally gets what Jerrod is doing on his show. These two guys are right at the top when it comes to social commentary in 2016. As long as Jerrod’s show is on NBC we expect him to become a regular guest on Late Night.

Later in the interview, Jerrod and Seth talked about the perils of virtual reality porn.


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